Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Curse You Mr. Edison

"But I didn't have tiii-iiiime to do it!"

When I was a child/teenager that was my catch phrase at home.  

Granted, I was extremely busy.  I did school full time (of course), from school I walked to the local junior high where I spent the next four hours cleaning, and then I walked home, scarfed down some food, and rushed out the door to go swing dancing.  It was glorious.  It so much fun.  When I got home from dancing (10:30 was my cerfew on weeknights) I would stay up until around midnight doing homework, and then crash.  I would generally finish up whatever homework was left the next day during lunch.

That was my life.  I loved it.

However, it didn't leave a lot time for me to do my chores.  

Which was not acceptable in my family.  

During those years, my father's catch phrases were "Do it right instead of over" when I would do a hurried and sloppy job, just to say I got it done.  And "You have the same amount of time as everybody else.  Look at all the things Thomas Edison accomplished in his life.  Don't tell me you don't have enough time.  You just need to manage it better."

Sadly, his catch phrases have stuck with me whereas mine has become a childish and whining echo of spoiled leisure.  And I hate that I just admitted to that.

But time is something that is eluding me.  I need to figure out a way to get everything done in the day.  Just like Thomas Edison (curse that man for raising the bar so high!).

I always thought that when I had a child in school, things would be much simpler, and I would have more time to do things, because let's face it, one child is so much easier than two.  And for some reason, Keith being in school has brought about the opposite result.  Somehow I have even less time.

Lately I have been reflecting and trying to prioritize.  Family, scriptures, prayer, and exercise have been at the top for the past several months.  And not always all of them.  Add to that school things for both Keith and Jeffrey, journaling, making time for friends, reading, cleaning, etc, and there is not enough time in the day.  Even if I get up at 5:00 to start my day!  I just don't get it.

With my goals, I have been trying to organize myself.  I have been doing better, but even so, things are being forgotten.  It is frustrating.  

I read once that time crawls as a child, it skips as a teen, it runs as a young single adult, but the second kids enter the equation, it flies at the speed of light.  Once they are grown and gone, life starts to run, and then skip, and then eventually crawl again.  I am ready for the skipping.  I like that.

But not when it comes to my kids.  Then it should crawl.  Like a sloth.  Because they are too precious to let even a moment go by.

By Keith's request, lunch today was exquisite.  
Brussel sprouts, blood oranges, strawberries, kiwi, and macaroni and cheese.  Yum, yum, yum. My kids have great taste in food.  I asked him how many I should cook, and he said "All of them!"  I only cooked a third, but they were all devoured.  It makes me happy, knowing they love and crave healthy food.  That shows me that despite my shortage of time, at least it is being well spent.
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