The Big One

"The big one is supposed to hit.  Any time, now.  We must prepare for it."

At least that is what I have heard all my life.

I remember being in first grade and being so terrified to go to the bathroom at school.  What if it hit while I was in the bathroom?  What then?

As I grew older it was always a minor fear, but something I was mostly able to forget about.

Living on a fault line, an earthquake is inevitable, at some point or another.

No worries, though.

At least that was how I thought up until a week ago.

Then, for some reason, my thoughts changed.

I don't know why, but I am so scared of an earthquake right now.  Each night, as we lay in bed, I long for my children to be in our room with us.  I want them safe in our beds, not in their very heavy bunk beds which are held together by a very small metal piece.  It terrifies me.  I worry so much.

Each night, I fall asleep praying my guts out that those little angels of mine will be safe.  That despite anything, my family will be safe and preserved.

To make matters worse, I read on the news something that scared me clear through.  According to new scientific evidence, some earthquakes can be predicted.  Scientists have found that every 350 years a very big earthquake hits Utah.  The last one?  350 years ago.  Which means the next one to hit will be this year.

I am terrified.

I don't know why this sudden fear has gripped me.  I have basically lived in the same area my whole life.  Fault lines running through the grounds of my school, my house, my town right on top of the fault lines.  Never have I worried before. Now, I go about my day with a prayer in my heart, pleading for the safety of my family.  Begging.

I guess I am so worried because I have never really been in an earthquake before.  Not a real one, anyway. I have seen the news about the devastation in Haiti 2010, Mexico 1985, California 1994 etc. and it scares me like I have never been scared before.

I guess all I can do is continue to pray and have faith that my family will be looked after.

 Qué será, será


Lisa said…
Earthquakes are so scary!! I so have days where I worry incessantly about things... I hope this passes WITHOUT an earthquake!
Myya said…
I remember an earthquake back in 93. It wasn't huge but it did shake things up. I till worry though. The way that Mother Nature is acting as of late scares the beejeezes out of me.
Susan Anderson said…
Being from California, the earthquake fear is not so active with me. It's sort of a fact of life, though we make sure we are prepared.

My guess is that you are projecting the normal anxieties all moms have about their children onto worrying about an earthquake. I was a pretty anxious mom, myself, but it got better as time went along.

Having said that, I still worry about them, even now that they are adults. In fact, I worry more than I expected to!

Em said…
i've heard the fault line on the wasatch front is bigger than the san andreas in california. not looking forward to that earthquake.
I'm surprised that they can predict earthquakes because it seems I've never heard of a warning for those devastating one's that have hit?! You should try and not fear..I know easier said than done but the Lord will protect and take care of you. You can't live in fear everyday...especially for something that might not even happen.
I hope that your fears can subside! I know every year around this time (storm time) I worry about tornado's and thunderstorms. I hope you can find peace!!

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