Bad News, Incredible News, and Mediocre News, All In One

And the whirlwind of life continues.

I have good news and I have bad news.  I will start with the bad first, because that always makes the good a million times better.  It leaves you with a happy taste in your mouth, not disappointment or sadness.  

Wednesday night I was sitting in the kitchen while Jeffrey was finishing his late night snack.  The kids were tucked in their beds and we could hear their little gossip over the monitor.  We grinned at the things they were discussing.  In the middle of our laughter, my phone rang.  I answered it, and my mood quickly changed from light-hearted to somber.

It was my friend's mother.  No, he is more than just a friend.  He is like a brother.  We have been so close since we were in eighth or ninth grade.  We have known each other even longer than that, though.  Honestly, I love that guy.  And it is wonderful that Jeffrey is friends with him as well, so my friendship has been able to grow and develop since I got married.  Any way, his mother called to tell me that he was in the hospital.  My heart sank.  His legs had been hurting for a few weeks.  Finally, Wednesday morning, he could barely walk, so his mother and wife made him go to the doctor.  He has a huge blood clot running from his left leg into his right leg.  Scary!  She wanted me to pass the word along to our other friends and to pray for him.  He went in for surgery yesterday, and as far as I know, he is doing well.

At any rate, I offered to make them dinner, and a few frozen dinners that they could pop into the oven and have a hot meal without the worry of fixing it.  His poor wife is doing wonderfully, but I still would like to help.  They have a 9 month old baby, and I am sure not having to worry about meals would be a wonderful help to them.

And so, here I sit, stressing about time.  I know, I know, I have 24 hours, just like everyone else in the world.  Blah blah blah.  That doesn't help when I have too many things to cram into a day.  And remember my headache from Tuesday?  Yeah, it is back.  And being at my mother's house means no sugar is around.  I am hoping lots of water and oranges will help it.  Why am I at my mother's house?  Oh, because today I am watching my brother's kids for my mom who is watching them while they are out of town, but she got called in to work.  And I really don't mind doing that.  I love having my kids get together with their cousins and play.  They love seeing their cousins.  And the fact that they are all very close in age is lovely.  Just not when noise or movement cause me such pain.  And why oh why does the weather decide to be so wonderful on days when I can't enjoy it?  Hmmm?  Mother Nature is dangerously close to my black list right now with those pranks she keeps pulling.  It is supposed to get up to 70 today.  70!  That is near perfect, and here I sit inside nursing a pain that has the worst timing in the world.  

So I am here -at my mother's house- watching them (they are napping.  Yay!).  I should be cleaning up lunch, but realized right now is the only chance I have to journal, and man alive do I have some juicy things to share!  But no pictures today.  I don't have my computer.  Back to my worries about the dinners, I can just do my best, and that will have to be good enough.  I can throw together some easy dinners, stick them in the freezer (I hope) and if they aren't frozen, well, they can decide which ones to freeze, and which ones to eat right away!  No problem. Anyway, I will get to do something for one of the most selfless people I know, and repay him a little for all he has done for Jeffrey and me.  And besides that, I get to see my dear friend!  It has been far too long since I saw him.  October.  Inexcusable.

That was the heavy news.  The good news is...

Yesterday I went over to my mom's house to let my kids play with their cousins, and my little brother called, extremely stressed out.  He wanted to use my mom's sewing machine.  It is ancient.  I think the dinosaurs used it.  It weighs about half the weight of one, anyway.  I told him I could run home and grab my sewing things, and he was happy with that.  So I did.  When I got back, he was frantically cutting circles out of some fabric.  I asked him if I could help, and he turned the sewing over to me.  While I sewed, he told me what he was making.  A flag.  A family flag.  He was going to wrap a sweet little chest in it.  Inside the chest were some beautiful roses, held together with a gorgeous antique ring.

Let's let that sink in a little.

Let me repeat it.  Held together with a gorgeous antique family ring.

sinking in....

sinking in....

My little brother was going to propose to his girlfriend!

She said yes!!!

I am beyond excited to welcome her into our family.  I simply adore her.  And really, its about time.  We have all been wondering when he would pop the question for about a year now.  I guess this means things are only going to get busier.  In the best way possible.

And now, slightly anticlimactic; the winner!  I loved all the responses I got from the book post.  It makes me happy to know that despite all the technology out there, and at our fingertips, people still love the good, old, hard, tangible books.  The smell, the look, the words, the comfort.  All of it is timeless.  And the love of reading to children gives me hope for a better future than the one we are living in... but that is another tangent.  At any rate, I wrote down each entry name, gave them a number, and then had my niece pick a number.  She chose 7.  Number 7 is Emily!  Please email me your information, and I will get that book in the mail to you as soon as I can!

And Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!  I hope lots of leprechauns visit, leaving goodies and happiness in their wake.


Chantel said…
I'm sure the meals you made will be wonderful. I still remember the wonderful pizza you made us when I had a miscarriage a few years ago.
Susan Anderson said…
You are such a good friend, Amy. And I am totally excited about your brother!

How I would love to get news like that from one or both of my two youngest sons.

Terra said…
Congrats to your brother and keep us posted on your friend! Let me know when you hear from Emily so I can get her prize out to her!!!!!
Lisa said…
WOOHOO!!! Congrats to your little brother!!! Now I need a visual of what you were sewing - I didn't quite understand it. Anyway - so sorry you have a headache. And sorry that your friend is struggling. My prayers go out for them. :) Let's talk sometime!
Jenny said…
Have you tried glutamine powder for the sugar headaches? Sometimes it really, really helps.

Such a roller coaster going on in your life right now. It's hard to remember to just throw your arms up in the air and scream on the way down sometimes!

Sending you a hug!
Em said…
oh happy day:) i've already emailed you, but just getting around to thanking you formally here!

my friend got a blood clot on her leg that ran from her hip to her knee when she was 23 weeks pregnant. so scary!!! she is just now finishing her shots, 6 weeks after delivering. she had to do two shots a day in the belly for the last 6 mo of her preg and 6 weeks after. and they were painful. not fun.

yay for your brother!
oh dang I didn't win ?? :( :) It's ok.

Congrats on your brothers engagement and I hope your friend gets better.
Emmy said…
Yea congrats to your brother!! Sounds like he proposed very creatively too. And yes, it is nice ending with good news.

So sorry about your friend- hope he is okay.

And sorry I am so behind on your blog.

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