The Harshness of February

This has been a most trying month.

There is always one month in the wintertime that gets me, and it appears this is to be it.  

I hope.

Keith's pneumonia.

Faye caught Keith's cold.  She still has it.  Happily, it isn't pneumonia.

Then I caught it, and Jeffrey caught it.  

We are better, except Faye.  Her cold is persistently accompanying her everywhere she goes.  And desperately trying to spread to all who come in contact with her.

Tuesday was a a shocker of a day.  I got an email from my father about a dear friend of mine. Thayne Adams.  His wife, Danielle, was one of my earliest youth leaders.  I adore her.  She did my hair for my wedding.  Thayne worked with me before Keith was born.  He made work a much happier place.  That family is one of my favorites.

In the email, I was informed Thayne had passed away, leaving his beautiful wife and four children.  I was heartbroken.  I was in denial.  I refused to believe.  I discovered so many sad things about my friend.  I learned he had a brain tumor.  He was driving home from the hospital, and his car swerved into a semi, taking him from his young family.

Keith is such a sweet kind hearted boy.  He saw the tears in my eyes.  Immediately he was concerned.  "Mommy, will a hug make you feel better?"  He asked with open arms.

So I didn't cry.  I hugged my children close, and together we made heart shaped sugar cookies.  I then put the tragedy of my friends out of my mind.  

Until today.  Today was the funeral.

I got there too late to talk to Danielle.  I sat across the room from where she would be sitting in hopes of catching her eye and somehow transferring my love and sorrow for her.  But I couldn't keep the tears from streaming down my face.  He is such a wonderful man.  I think everyone who met him loved him.  Or I might be a little biased.  I have known them since I was twelve and they moved into my neighborhood as newly weds.  

Watching Danielle sob, her oldest son trying to comfort her, her daughter burying her face in her lap was tragic.  I could not keep from crying. Also remembering my dear friend and his goodness and kindness was difficult.  I was gratified that Danielle did see me, and mouthed "thank you" from across the room.  I desperately wanted to rush over and just hug her and cry with her.  Unfortunately, I got sick in the middle and had to leave the funeral early, to spend the rest of the day in bed.  Blech.  I have been trying to go off sugar, and that gave me a horrific headache.  Complete with an upset stomach.  The headache lasted a good six hours.  Up until I decided to eat some chocolate I had on hand.  Pitiful what a sugar addiction can do.  

It was a hard day.  It has been a difficult month.  I think there is a reason February is the shortest month of all.  I for one will be happy when it is over.


Jenny said…
Oh sweet girl. I'm sorry. I often wonder if life just does this to remind us of how much we do have.

Although when it's really raining on our parade it's difficult to remember there are rainbows in the future.

I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like a man that will be missed by the world...and his lovely family.

Sending you a big hug and a prayer and a hope that sunshine finds your heart again soon!

Hug those babies close. There is healing properties in their innocence.
Terra said…
I am sorry for your loss, it is never easy! Hang in there
Em said…
i am so sorry for your loss:( february has been our sick month too. always makes thing worse. hope things start looking up soon.
Susan Anderson said…
What a difficult month you've had, and I'm sorry for it, especially the loss of your friend.

I hope March is a time of renewed hope and joy for you. It usually is, and I think you deserve some respite.

Lisa said…
Sending happy thoughts your way. i'm so sorry you had to get sick in the middle of the funeral. If I were closer I would so steal your children so you could just have a good Pride & Prejudice marathon and feel better! Hope all is well soon!
Noodle said…
I hope you get feeling better soon... (and the rest of the family too!)... I understand the pain of a passing friend all too much.. My heart and prayer go out to you and his family...
I hate things like this. I've seen it too much :( Tonight your friend Danielle and her family will be in my prayers.

If you need anything Amy, you know how to find me and I'll always make time for you. I've had a bad couple of months as well. I guess it is the rolling river of the Mississippi smoothing the stones as it says in D&C!
Sending you a hug. And prayers.
Trish said…
Wow, how sad! I imagine it must have been like that when my dad's oldest sister and her husband passed away, leaving their 5 children behind. They also were in a car accident. It just makes you want to love what you have extra hard, doesn't it?

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