Time Out

Time out.

It is an interesting thing to introduce little ones to.  I am not sure if they understand the concept or not.  But it is necessary to discipline and I will never really spank my children.  Oh sure, I have given a light swat on the bum, but never anything that could even remotely hurt.  I have a very strict policy against real spanking.

Faye has been making me laugh the past few days, though she doesn't know it.  She tends to get into trouble.  A lot.  We go over and over the fact she is not allowed to sneak into the kitchen, open a jar of peanut butter, and proceed to paint the counter with it, and eat it. It just is not kosher!  And so, I clean her up.  Again.  We talk about why it is wrong, and if she wants something all she needs to do is come get me and I will be happy to  fix her anything, but she must not get into the peanut butter!  I then send her to time out.  She will say "Okay, Mommy.  Sorry."  Give me a hug, and then skip- literally skip- over to the timeout chair.

The second her little tush hits the chair though, the waterworks begin.  The screaming, the crying, the tantruming.  I think she thinks that is what she is supposed to do.  I am not sure.  I have tried to explain to her that she gets to leave timeout as soon as she can sit quietly for two minutes.  For some reason, though, she ignores that, and cries.

This morning she was into the peanut butter again.  Again!  We sat down and talked.  I then cleaned her up, and as I was standing up to go get ready to pick up Keith from pre-school, she happily climbed up into the chair, said "I'm in time-out, Mommy" and then proceeded to wail and cry.  I hadn't even told her to go to time out.  She did that all on her own.  She screamed for about five minutes, finally calmed down and was quiet for one and a half.  I heard sniffles coming on again, so I called to her to come give me a hug.  I missed my little Faye girl.  She jumped out of the chair, all smiles again, and ran to me to give me a big hug/cuddle.

Sigh.  That girl.


*Jess* said…
We've chosen not to spank either in our house :) Both my kids respond SO differently to time-out. I've found that time-out works great for my son as a consequence, but not so much for my daughter. She needs privileges taken away, but she's at the age that it makes sense to do that.
Trish said…
Yeah, I agree with Jess. Sometimes one form of discipline works well for one child and the next needs something different. I only have one kid though, so I'm not super experienced with more than one. I've never put Parker in time-out though. I don't think it would work right now. But he hardly ever gets into trouble so its not really necessary. If he does something naughty then I just tell him please don't do that and what to do instead. For example he likes to kick and punch and often he kicks me in the belly, so I keep reminding him "Be gentle Parker, baby is inside" and he says "Gentle, gentle". One of the most important things I gained from studying conscious language is to think about the result you want and speak it out loud. Focusing on the desired outcome is what gets the result the fastest. (Sorry for the novel.) Not completely sure how it applies to your situation but its what I like to live by anyway.
I like when the kids threaten to put me in time out... they fail to grasp the concept that I will willing set a 36-minute timer (1 for each year of age plus 1) and go hide for a while! Maybe even nap!
Susan Anderson said…
New concept: enjoying time out.


Emmy said…
Lol! Okay that is pretty funny. So so funny she happily puts herself in then cries. Hilarious. What a girl
Myya said…
This age is so adorable. It is so hard to be stern with them because they are so inquizative & cute. I honestly am impressed you can get her to sit in the chair. Mine leaps out of it the second I put her in it. Uggghhh!
Em said…
sounds like max;)

faye looks just like you amy!
She is going to one day have a nice guy wrapped around her little finger ;) We are similar with our discipline. I could never spank. Lately Chris and I are reading Love & Logic from birth to 6 yrs. I've loved the main book but this is great for this challenging age group.
Terra said…
Time outs can be tricky and effective for most kids...not all though!!! I think it is hilarious that she plays in the peanut butter (but that is because it is not happening in my kitchen!
Jenny said…
I like time out so much better than spanking! And not just because I watch Super Nanny!
Lourie said…
Time to hide the PB! hahaha. What a monkey girl. :P

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