Self Medicating with Children

It has not been a good day.

More so for my state of mind than anything.

I am really getting tired of this state of mind.  Tired, I tell you.


And so, at a quarter to eleven, I sit self medicating. With a popcorn bucket filled with a cocktail of sugary treats, my sweet Doctor comforting me with those great chocolately eyes and that wonderful left eyebrow, and most importantly of all, a vein with which to express myself.  Not to unburden mind you, but just to express.

As mentioned once and again, Keith's life ambition is to be a doctor.  Every time we go to the library he gets the same books.  Brain Surgery for Beginners, another book on the body, and generally one on the heart.  For the past few days he has been playing Doctor.  Faye is a very willing patient.

It always begins with Faye walking into the room saying she is sick.  Keith will say "I can help you!"  He will run downstairs, put his "scrubs" (jammies) and "lab coat" (camo robe) on and run upstairs with the toy Doctor kit we gave him two years ago.  He will instruct her to lay down on his table.  She lays on the rug next to the stove.  He will then give her a full and thorough check up.  Several times over.

It always starts with taking her temperature.

 then having her "throw up" (spit) in a little dish,

 take her blood pressure, check her reflexes (which for some reason, he thinks is on her forehead).  He looks in her mouth, in her ears, even in her nose.

And then they do it again.  The whole time with Faye laying on the floor, on the rug, next to the stove.  It is adorable.  Except when I want to make dinner.  Then she gets in the way a little bit.  But it is still captivating to watch them play so compliantly.

He is also very adept at taking matters into his own hands.  He has become very independent in his own little way.  But the best part is, he looks out for his little sister.  Thirsty?  Got it covered.  Hungry?  No problem.

 Keithy has also been very soothing to my troubled soul.  He has been asking me over and over if I want a hug.  When I say yes, he erupts into a grin and then flings his arms around my neck in a tight squeeze.  At preschool today he asked me if I would play in the kitchen with him.  I loved it.  He usually tells me he is fine, and I should go home.  While Faye was napping after school today, I asked Keith if he would like me to read him a story.  He came running, shouting "Yay!  I love stories!", climbed up on the couch next to me, cuddled close, and rested his head on my shoulder hollow.  Where he promptly fell asleep.  And so I laid there, with my sweet little boy who seems so grown up, except for when I hold him like that.  After fifteen minutes, my phone rang, so I had to rush out so it wouldn't awaken him.

He is just such a good boy!  I am lucky to have such a darling, and I have to say, Faye is a very lucky little girl to have such an amazing big brother.

Thinking about blessings always helps despondency.  But the self medication?  Probably not so much.  All that sugar sure felt good tonight, but tomorrow I will be regretting it.


Susan Anderson said…
True the sugar is a temporary fix, isn't it? Helps in the moment, makes you crash the next day.


PS. The kids, on the other hand, leave good memories the next day that can be pulled out and re-enjoyed!
Noodle said…
I love the doctors check up on his little sis.... I have to laugh at how cute kids can be with there little siblings (some days its just the oppasit at my house)... But it always brings warmth to my heart to see my kids play so well with eac other...Sammy's pre-school was cancled today so I thought she would be super bumed... But she surpised me and said..."well it looks like a good day to play with my Ally" I love it when they are friends...
Lisa said…
I think you are amazing. You sure are raising amazing children. I hope my children love me as much as yours love you!!! You are awesome!
Em said…
oh my goodness those doctor pics are to die for.
Terra said…
Take a deep breath....
Looks like the budding doctor will be able to care for you when it is retirement time. He already is gaining patients!
Lourie said…
He will make a great doctor some day!!

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