My Adventures In Mundaneland

No pictures today.

We have been very busy.

The kids are learning all sorts of things.  I have begun to teach Keith how to make Oatmeal.  I watch as he carefully measures the water, pours some salt into his hand and then sprinkles it into the pan and lets it boil.  He then adds the oatmeal and stirs.  He is becoming quite the little chef.  It is all for mission preparation.  I told him if he can learn to cook well, when he is in college and on his mission, everyone will want to be with him because they will know they will get good food.  He loves that idea.

After breakfast I made the kids do their chores.

This is a new thing I implemented.  Keith was asking for a specific toy.  Spider man riding a motorcycle, I think.  I want him to have the things he wants, but I don't want to always buy them for him.  My parents couldn't always buy things for me, and I believe if they could have, they still wouldn't.  They taught us to work for everything we had.  And we worked hard.  My brothers and I shared a paper route when I was 8.  We kept it until I was 12.  And then I baby-sat.  If I wanted something, I had to buy it myself.  And so I decided Keith needs to learn about hard work and earning things.  I don't want to raise an entitled child.

So, their chores.  They helped me unload the dishwasher.  Faye is really good at putting away the silverware.  Quite frankly, I am impressed.  She is really good at that job.  Keith helps me with all the other dishes, and then I wash, he loads, and Faye again, gets to load the silverware.  We have worked out quite a system and chores take so much less time.  Keith then washes the stools, Faye washes the coffee table and I wash the counters.  I love it.  And so do they!  Glad they like it now, because I know I will be fighting them on it one day soon.

We then did the laundry.  It is so much more fun to clean when the kids help me.  For some strange reason, laundry is one of their favorite chores.  They love to help me sort, and even more to add the detergent to the washer, and toss in the clothes.  Considering washing dishes and folding clothes are my two least favorite jobs, it is nice that I can have something to help the mundane seem brighter.

When the last load was in the washer, I loaded up the kids, dropped them off at my mother's, and headed to my dentist.  Who is an hour away.  He is that good.

I was dreading it all day long.  A root canal.  Never fun.  On the way down I ate some cinnamon bears.  Because that is smart, right?  Eat cinnamon bears in the car, on the way to the dentist, when you can't brush your teeth.  Brilliant.  But I think I sucked all the gumminess out of my teeth because he didn't mention it at all.   I got there, and since they had just moved offices, they were running behind.  No worries.  Armed with Sherlock Holmes, I made a comfy spot in the stiff leather chairs and returned to London in 1892 and the great mysteries to be solved therein.  All too soon, they called me back and I braced myself for the torture that a drill inevitably would cause.

And I was surprised.  Aside from the horrid high pitched sound of the drill, and the awkwardness of keeping my mouth open for two hours, I was quite comfortable.  I found myself drifting off and had a very hard time keeping my eyes open.  I really wanted a nap, and my dentist is so wonderful and made everything as un-awkward as possible, that I very nearly did.

Don't you wish you could see my dentist?  I have to go back in two weeks or so and I am not dreading it.  I mean I am not crazy about the hour drive, but as dentists go, it is oh so worth it!  Especially considering my last dentist was local but the worst experience I have ever had with my mouth.

Considering it was a mundane day, I think it was a good day.  Thank heavens for the little things, right?  Kids doing chores happily,  great dentist, and relatively no pain really add up to great things in the land of mundane.  I am blessed.


Myya said…
My girls LOOOVE to help with chores too. I need to be better at letting them help me more. The detergent into the wash is definitely a favorite at my house too. LOL.

A good dentist is SOOOO worth it, glad you have found that!

A Mundane day is a little gift in my crazy busy world, I'll happily take them when I can get them! :)
Noodle said…
Ally and Sammy love to do the dishes with us and the laundry... Sammy hangs up all the hang up clothes and Ally flods the pjs... Then they both help put them away... They love to load the laundry.... Sammy has even did loads with out telling me... She is not aloud to use the soap..the jug is too heavy for her to lift that high.... And I can't cook with out my helpers...=)
Susan Anderson said…
A good dentist is one of the best things in life!


PS. Glad you've got the worst behind you...
Jenny said…
Awwww...I really needed a visit to mundaneland today!

Thanks for letting me visit!
Emmy said…
So lucky you have a good dentist! And yes, sometimes when you are kid free and you know they are being cared for a long wait is nice :)
I would love a mundane day :p Give it to me!!!! Also what an amazing dentist.

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