Going On A Bear Hunt, I'm Not Afraid

Keith loves his bears. Remember Mister Bear?  And the tragedy that befell him?

My mother in law felt bad for the tears and so sewed a new Mister Bear for him.

Though the new bear didn't replace the loved Mister Bear, Keith did latch onto it and carried it everywhere with him.  

Which drives me crazy because every single night I tuck Keith into bed, turn out the light and go out.

Ten minutes later Keith will be out of bed asking for a drink of water.  Even though he has a cup on his nightstand.

We tuck him back into bed and ten minutes later he is back out.

He has to use the bathroom.

Back to bed.

Ten minutes.

Keith says he can't sleep because he doesn't have his bear.

Dun dun dun.

Because he carries the bear around with him, it gets left while he is playing.  In the organ bench, in the pan cupboard, in the Spider-man suitcase, in the bathroom, always an unlikely place for a bear to be left, and always a very difficult place to find it.

One day the bear was too hard to find.

Keith had to sleep without him.

And then the next day we still couldn't find it.

Or the next.

Or the next.

And a week went by and still no Mister Bear.

Finally, Keith decided he was lonely enough.  

Friday morning after we got breakfast and chores out of the way, we packed our bags and went on a Bear Hunt.  We climbed mountains, walked through swishy grass and mud, we swam through rivers until we found the cave.  Armed with flashlights, we entered cautiously. 

And we found Mister Bear!  Hiding quite snuggly between the bed and wall.

A sweet reunion followed full of hugging, laughing and squealing.

Squealing that only a happy little boy and his sister could make.

Ironically, Mister Bear can't be seen in the photos.  He is squished behind Keith's Blue Bear.  

Believe it or not, Mister Bear has already been lost again.  



Harm has his dolly and his Mater toy, Rachel her Tigger and her Smurfette, and Cally his Elmo and Mickey Mouse. Those are the beloved loveys but b/c I'm scared of losing them we none of the beloveds are allowed to leave their rooms :p
Susan Anderson said…
Those loveys can be kind of a pain, can't they? My kids were always attached to a certain blanket, which I didn't allow out of the house unless we were on a trip. I never did lose one, but we came close a couple of times!


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