Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cows, Penguins and Kitchens

Remember Faye's milk issues?

Well, we decided to try her on raw milk. Un pastuerized, un homogenized, and un processed.  Milk, straight from the cow's udder.  Word on the street is the processing causes the irritation in some people.  Which is why Faye has had a hard time.

Finding raw milk is a little difficult, though.

Lucky for me, we live very near quite a few dairy farms.  I found one which sells raw milk.  So, the kids and I went on a little expedition together.

To the dairy farm.

It was not as adventurous as I thought it would be, Especially because Faye wouldn't go near the animals.  She was a little terrified.  They were darling.

The kids couldn't get over the smell.  The smell that reminded me of my childhood.  It reminded me of riding home on the school bus when I was in elementary school.  We would drive past my great uncle's dairy farm.  The soft fresh smell of life was always faint.  All the kids would scrunch up their noses and simultaneously screech "Eeeeeeeewwwwwww!"  I joined in, but secretly liked the smell.  Probably because it was familiar to me.  As we were picking up the milk, the smell was so strong, it was like a smack from the past.  My eyes began to water so we grabbed the milk, put the money in the box, and hurried out.  Once outside, the smell was a little easier to handle, but still strong.  After a quick stroll up and down the isles to look at the baby cows, we were back in the car and on our way again.

The good news is the raw milk is actually working!  The bad news is it is too expensive to buy very often, and I don't get out by the dairy farms often, so it would be a little un-ecoconomical to buy it frequently.  We are still discussing it, weighing the pros and cons.  Frankly, I would much rather keep her away from dairy and on the almond milk.  But it will be nice to know whether or not she is actually allergic or just sensitive.

The kids did have a very nice ride home.  I was a little inspired by their sharing.  I love those moments.

Friday was Jeffrey's day off so we took the kids to the aquarium.  Faye's favorite part was playing on the frog.

 Keith's favorite part were the penguins.

We watched them run around laughing, learning, and loving it completely.  Jeffrey and I, though were exhausted.   

Friday night Jeffrey's dad told my hubby that he would watch the kids so we could go out together.  

Guess what.  For our dates, we go to thrift stores.  We are that cool.  

Really though, we do have fun there.  We walked into the DI and I nearly fell over.  There, siting in the middle of the furniture section, was a beautiful grand piano.  Absolutely beautiful.  The cheapest piano I have ever seen.  I begged Jeffrey to buy it for me.  I told him I would sleep on the floor, we could put it in our bedroom.  He said no.  I tried every form of manipulation in the book.  He still said no.  

However, we did find a darling little kitchen for Faye.  When we got home, the kids were asleep so Jeffrey and I had fun setting up a kitchen area for the kids.  They woke up and were absolutely thrilled.  

It was such a lovely date, and the after party (setting up the kitchen with Jeffrey, and watching the kids delight in their new toy) was even better.

But I still want that grand piano.
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