5 Long Years

Oh gosh, this past weekend has been a doozy.

Thursday marked five years.  Five of them.

Jeffrey and I married on one of the coldest days of the year.  So cold, we didn't even take pictures because we didn't want to be outside.  We were so young then.  Five years ago.  Never before have five years been the most comfortable forever.  Three years ago, I remember visiting with some friends who said they had a hard time remembering a time when they weren't married and how weird a thought that was.  And now, three years later, I agree with them completely.

For our anniversary, we didn't have any plans.  We didn't have a babysitter.  But as Jeffrey walked in the door from work, my mother called and offered to watch our kids as her plans had fallen through.  We took the kids to her house, and then were at a loss as to what to do on a Thursday night.  We are very picky when it comes to restaurants, and we didn't want to leave our town, as we didn't have a lot of time.  After driving around for a little bit, we decided to go to Harmon's.  Yup.  We went to a grocery store for our anniversary.  And there, we reached a conclusion.  We always want to shop there now.  What an amazing organic section they have!  The deli!  The eating area above the grocery store!  The wooden toys!  The bakeware!  Sigh.  I love finding a good grocery store.  I hate to say it, but it really can be hard.  And I want to love the places I frequent.

Saturday we got to have a bit of a real anniversary date.

We were going to go dancing.  I was beyond excited.  I haven't been dancing since I got married.  In HS, I was in the presidency of the swing club.  In college, I taught swing dancing.  In those years, I went dancing five nights a week.  It was glorious.  Sadly, my hubby doesn't have the same passion for dancing that I have.  So, when he agreed to go dancing, I was walking on clouds.  We went to a thrift store, found Jeffrey a dreamy three piece suit and he looks smashing!

Now, ten years ago, the MAC was the perfect place to go dancing.  In one building there was a live band and so many older couples who can seriously cut up a rug.  I would watch them in awe as they danced, and glean what I could from them.  In a building across the alley they had a DJ and many young dancers who loved the air steps, but didn't know many actual steps.  However, what they lacked in knowledge and skill, they certainly made up for in enthusiasm.  Dancing was held every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

So, when we showed up Saturday night, we were sorely disappointed to find the live band side closed.  So, we walked across the alley and saw that indeed a dance was going on, but it was a +40 Single Adult Dance.  Since we are neither, we decided to wait in the little cafe across the street for our friends who were supposed to meet us.  That was not how I remembered it, either.  Instead of being a cute little burger joint cafe place, it was now a thai restaurant with the most amazing ice cream I have ever encountered.  Honey Lavender Heaven.  Wow.

Our friends contacted us and let us know they were across the main street in a little Karaoke Cafe.  We joined them and had such a fun night!  And I have to say, I was very impressed with Jeffrey for coming out of his shell so much.  Dancing and singing are not his favorite things to do.  Yet he had so much fun, he has agreed to go again, for which I am very excited.

Watch live video from KaraokeCafe on Justin.tv In this video, to see Jeffrey in his snazzy suit, go to 35:20.  You can also sort of hear him sing.  My big song debut is at 53:35.  However, there is zero passion in it because I couldn't remember the song very well.  But Anna, the girl who is up with me, had never heard the song before and came up for moral support.  Isn't she great?!

All in all, it was a great anniversary, and I am one lucky girl to get such a fantastic man.


Susan Anderson said…
Karaoke is fun, and a big hit with members of our singles ward. They go all the time!

Susan Anderson said…
PS. Happy anniversary! =D
Emmy said…
Happy anniversary! I love swing dancing! Eric doesn't know too many steps but he is really good at throwing me around. We even swing dance for a ward talent show once.
Lisa said…
OK - first off... I was in Swing Club in college!! You seriously are just like my alter ego!!! :) Anyway- what a guy! I can't believe Jeffrey was willing to go dancing AND singing! Paul would have laughed me out the door to either one of those suggestions! :) Happy Fifth! :)
Familia Morales said…
What fun! Happy Anniversary!
Em said…
Happy anniversary!!!
Myya said…
Happy Anniversary! The Karaoke sounds fun, I haven't done that in years.

I am thinking about that honey lavender ice cream now. Hmmmmm, wonder where I can get that around here??? LOL
Terra said…
Happy Anniversary Amy!
Congratulations! And keep on enjoying. Time goes faster than you know.
Jenny said…
Awwww...Happy Anniversary beautiful girl!

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