Wind Crush

***This post was written yesterday, however, due to power outages, I was not able to post until today.  Pictures will follow this afternoon.***

The wind is blowing with a vengeance.

And I am all smiles.

I love the wind. Absolutely and completely adore it.

The only thing keeping me indoors right now is the fact that I don't want my children following after me.

They would be blown away.

I might even be blown away.

And yet, I am drawn to it. Like a little kid is drawn to the bright lights and glittering wrapping of a Christmas tree bursting with promises of presents.

There is something about the sheer madness of the force, pushing against my body that exhilarates me. I love the feeling of nearly being blown off my feet. I love having my hair and clothing whip around me as if I am the ball in an Olympic tether-ball competition. I laugh when I come in and see the state of my hair and clothes. Mother nature and I certainly differ on style choices. Once, my skirt ended up on backwards from the tugging and pulling of the wind.

Last night Faye awoke me at 3:30. I had gone to bed at midnight, so really didn't want to get up with her. I went into her room, stroked her back, pulled the blankets up tight under her chin, kissed her curly head, and sneaked out. I went back to my room, and as I lay, thinking about sleep, the wind began. The moaning, the whistling, and the teasing. I snuggled down happily, listening to the sounds that bring me such excitement, and wished it were morning so I wouldn't miss the fantastic wind storm.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep, Faye woke up again.

This time, I went into her room, climbed into her bed with her, and helped her fall asleep. She is in a big girl bed now, so I can do that. A bunk bed, remember? We all love the bunkiness of it. I love that I don't have to sit on the cold floor anymore, trying to get her back to sleep. I can snuggle in her bed, and fall asleep myself. Blessed bunk beds!

After a while, she stopped squirming, and I decided to go back to my bed. Mine is so much more comfortable for me. And I have the added bonus of snuggling with Jeffrey. He doesn't kick like Faye does.

As I was climbing into bed, Jeffrey got up to check the time. I sleepily asked him what time it was. He said 5:00. And then Faye started crying again. This time Jeffrey went to find out what the problem was for her.

And he discovered she had gotten sick. All over her pillow, pajamas, and bear. I climbed out of bed again, and went to take care of her so Jeffrey could get enough sleep to function at work.

I cleaned her off, and then we both went back to my bed. She was shivering, so I snuggled in close, rubbing her arms and legs, encouraging the warmth back into them.

Soon enough she fell asleep again, so I scooped her up, hurried her back to her bed (which I had cleaned up prior), and then took myself to bed. As I lay listening to the wind, I was glad that it hadn't let up. I hoped I would get to see a bit of it when it was morning time.

Once again, Faye began to cry, so I hurried to her side. Again, there was sick all over her, and her bed. This time, there was no hope of her going back to sleep in her bed. I cleaned her off again, took her potty (she started going potty yesterday! She has now done it 5 times!!!), and then we got back in my bed. It felt a little like Groundhog's Day. The repeats did, anyway. After laying there for about ten minutes, she told me she needed to use the potty.

Mission accomplished, and back to bed.

And repeat.

Finally, after her third request to use the potty (with success each time!), I figured there was no point in trying to sleep.

The wind was still clawing at everything in its path, thumping things against the house, desperately trying to break in. Keith was awake. He saw that Faye had been sick, so he knelt down and prayed for her to feel better. Faye was asking for a shower.

So, we got up. I got Keith dressed, Faye's bedding in the laundry, and then Faye got a shower.

Finally. Finally, we were able to go upstairs to watch the wind.

And that is when the power went out.

It was an awesome sight to see. Truly. We were in awe at the sheer magnitude of damage the wind could do. Trees had been blown over. Fences were down. Shingles were off roofs. Yard furniture/toys were nowhere to be seen. Swing sets were toppled on their sides, houses away from their original homes. Trees were trying out new yoga poses.

My inlaws heard us oohing and aahing at the windows, and came to see.

They began to worry.

Every gust of wind brought a grin from me, and a cringe from them.

We are so very different, my husband's family, and me.


Susan Anderson said…
I love this post, Amy. Every aspect.

The wind, the mothering, the differences in perception, and most of all...Keith kneeling down to pray for his sister.

So sweet!


PS. And the potty training is going so well!!!
Chantel said…
I wish the wind had waited a bit. Brian has so many insurance claims to do and not enough time to do them in as our little baby should be here any day. I'm really hoping to not have him miss the birth because he's on a roof somewhere.
Lourie said…
I am like my mom...I am not a fan of the can't see it. Well you can (in the trees etc) but you can't see it and it can do such damage. I have driven in heavy wind...never fun when you feel like you are about to be tipped over. But I must say, your descriptive powers about wind, make it seem more awesome than burdensome. I love how you always turn things into a positive.

I hope Faye is feeling better. poor little thing.
Lisa said…
What a fun post. :) And I so completely understand how nice it is to cuddle the kids in their beds. I do it with Sara all the time. Hope Faye feels better though!
Em said…
have mercy, i thought about you that night when i was watching the news. can't believe how strong those winds were. mark eubank said category 2 hurricane winds! i couldn't believe the havack it reaked. hope the clean up is not too severe at your place.
Trish said…
Dear Amy-
You are a great storyteller. Just thought you should know. And you don't have to reply to my comments all the time. I know you're still trying to catch up on even reading all your favorite blogs. So don't worry about it...unless I ask you something. :)

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