Monday, December 5, 2011


Today was catch up day.

I got to clean up the hurricane wind damage to the inside of the house.  I mean, while I was sick, that cute little family of mine turned into hurricane force gales of mess making.  Yesterday Church was canceled so everyone could go out and prepare for the other oncoming storm.  

****  By the way, I feel cheated.  Where on earth were those amazing winds?!  Why did I not get to revel in that bone thrilling wind thrashing excitement again?  So cheated.****

I stayed in bed, trying to rebuild my strength, sipping hot cocoa and watching as neighbors swarmed up and down the street, busy as ants, repairing, fortifying and helping each other.  It was wonderful to see.  

And so, since I was down for the count, the chaos ensued inside.  Which left today for damage control.

After cleaning all day long.  Seriously.  All day.  I planned a quick FHE to the park to see the lights.
We stopped by the doughnut store first, got some wonderfully hot morsels, and drove through the park three times.  We then drove through a few neighborhoods, listening to Christmas music, and talking about the birth of Christ.  It was lovely.  

A favorite Christmas FHE if I do say so myself.

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