Black Hole Faye

*** This was written yesterday.  Again, due to the power outage, I couldn't post this until today.  And then I forgot about it. ***

Faye is like a cat or a dog. When they hear the can opener, they come running. When she hears anyone in the kitchen, especially if she hears the refrigerator door open, she defies physics and with instantaneous travel is there, tugging on the pant leg of whoever is nearest the food, her big hazel eyes irresistible, saying “Some. Some.”

Wednesday night Jeffrey and I got a call from the girls renting our house. The heater wasn't working very well. Since we had experienced the same problem when we lived there, we knew exactly how to fix it. Easy. So we drove up to give them back their heat.

While up there, I suddenly realized I had been so busy during the day with Christmas gift making, I had forgotten to eat anything all day. I was ravenous. So, while Jeffrey was filing the grime off the heat sensor, I went to my favorite restaurant. A quaint Indian restaurant with the most incredible food ever! And we recently learned they do take out. What is not to love?

When we got home, we mixed the Navratan Korma with the rice, and enjoyed the savory spiciness of it.

Of course, when I opened the lid to the food, Faye somehow appeared by my side, tugging at me pants, saying “Some. Some.” We picked her up, put her on the chair, and then she pushed and scooted until her head was directly above the plate, her mouth in line with the fork. There was no way to get it from the plate to any other mouth than hers. She dominated the air space above that food. The girl loves her food.

Evidently, she had eaten a lot for dinner, too. Like a black hole for food, it gravitated towards her and got sucked down. Many helpings of dinner. Gummy bears. Lots and lots of gummy bears. And then, my Navratan Korma. The girl just packed it away.

And that is why I think she woke up in the night, with sick all over her.

Thank heavens it isn't the flu that has been going around.


Emmy said…
Oh no! Poor thing and you! I forget to eat when I am in a zone like that too
Susan Anderson said…
Wow. She is quite an eater. Sorry you had to clean up the consequences!

Rachel eats more than I think I do sometimes :p I know where it goes though, that girl can POOP!
Lisa said…
Wow. I've never had an eater like that. But you so made me giggle with the imagery of her head in the air space above the food! :)
Em said…
sounds like my max, except she has never puked it up. if you're eating, she's eating, even if she's already eaten her breakfast and brennan's.
CB said…
No fun to clean up the middle of the night mess. I think it was the gummy bears :-D

Sometimes kids can eat so much it just boggles the mind. It sounds like she is not picky though, which is great!
Terra said…
she is growing mama! I swear soemtimes I wonder where my kids put the food and other times I wonder if they will ever eat again!

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