Shutterfly Winners

Hi there.

Remember me?


Can't say that I blame you.  I have been gone for ages, and when I am here, despite my best intentions it is sporadic at best.

And excuses just don't do me justice.


I was recently reminded that I still haven't chosen the winners for the Shutterfly contest!  Rude, I know.

This morning, however, started out gloriously.  The sky is that delicious grey that makes my heart do a little skip for joy and always sets me in a good mood, despite Faye's grumpiness.  I have a load of laundry going, which tantalizes my nose and makes my empty hamper rejoice.  And if all goes well, I will be going to the gym in about an hour.  Yay!

To continue the great feelings going on around here, I had Keith help me draw some names.  I love telling people they have just won, and frankly, this morning I want to make Myya, Heather and Sue just as happy as that sky is making me.

Yes, the winners, who get 25 custom cards for any occasion they chose, are Myya, Heather and Sue. Congratulations, friends!  I will email you the information you need.

For the rest of you, sorry you couldn't win!  I really am.  But there is always next year, right?  In the meantime, if you live in UT, enjoy the smokey grey sky.  If not, find something else to enjoy and have a great day!


Susan Anderson said…
How fun, Amy! Thanks!!

And tell Keith thanks, too. Excellent drawing skills.

I, too, get a bizarre sense of satisfaction when I see the bottom of my hamper!
Jenny said…
Awww, that sweet little Keith. Copngratulations to the lucky winners!
Em said…
i covet. b.c i need 50. greedy? maybe:)
Heather said…
Thanks girl I am looking forward to ordering my pictures!

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