Poems Entice Change

I miss blogging.  I really really miss it!
But it has taken bit of a back seat lately.

In my family, we love to read nursery rhymes.  A while back, I ordered from Amazon my favorite book from when I was a child.

 It has since become one of my children's favorites.

As I was reading to the kids, one of the rhymes struck me.

"I had a little hen,
The prettiest ever seen; 
She washed up the dishes, 
And kept the house clean;
She went to the mill
To fetch me some flour,
And always got home
In less than an hour;
She baked me my bread,
She brewed me my ale;
She sat by the fire
And told a fine tale.

I would love for my husband to brag about me like that.  I would love for my husband to be so proud of me.  I would love to be able to be such a good wife for my sweet husband.

With those thoughts in mind, I set about ensuring a sparkly clean house, always clean laundry, and food on the table when Jeffrey got home from work.  

It is evident he really appreciates the effort and hard work I have been putting in for him, and for our family.  However, ever since I decided to make having a clean home a priority, my time has been completely used up.  It is a little exhausting, and very fulfilling.  I often think if I had my own home, it would be much easier to keep things put away.  To have the kids help me.  Also, to have less kitchen messes to clean up.  I really miss that.  But living here helps me appreciate that all the more, so I count my blessings.

Who would have thought a little rhyme could be the source of such a change!

Another poem that has brought about great change in our lives is Because of Christmas Day by Ravi Sathasivam.

When December comes
When the white snow covers our lands
My heart is filled with joy
because this is the month for Christmas

When the carols are being sung
When the Christmas trees brighten the house
When the stockings are overflowing under the tree
When everyone's face is glowing to open the gifts
My heart is filled with joy

When the cities are decorated with lights
When the snow flakes are softly falling on my head
When my family dance and walk around the streets
When our friends visit our home for dinner
My heart is filled with joy

This blessed Christmas joy within our hearts
and celebrate throughout the world
to observe the birth of Christ

Christmas has begun in our home.

Yesterday was a very busy and exhausting.  I decided to join in the Black Friday chaos.  I did my best to convince Jeffrey to come with me, but he was firm in wanting to stay in bed.  Not that I can blame him.

After my alarm had gone off four or five times, it finally registered why I had set it so early.  I had a quick internal debate about how worth it it would be to get up so early.  I really needed materials for the gifts I am making, and without participating, would cost me nearly five times the amount.  Getting up so early would absolutely be worth it.

I hurried into my sweats, grabbed my purse, and rushed out the door.

I was so surprised by how warm it was outside at 5 in the morning.  Very surprised.  I listened to the horrors of Black Friday on the news as I drove to the store.  I was not looking forward to the day.  I got there, and was surprised.  The line wasn't too big!  I hurried to join, and as I stood there, face tipped back to the sky, I breathed deeply.  It smelled like the mountains.  I took so many deep breaths, savoring the smell and counting down to opening time.

The lady in the line behind me was wonderful.  We began talking, and she gave me her coupons.  The people behind her told me of their strategy.  They would send someone in after material, and someone else would draw a number for the material to be cut.  Since I also needed material, they offered to help me with that.  Such lovely people!  It wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated.  Someone said crafters are just nicer.  I may agree with them.  It really was a wonderful experience.  No one was hurt or died in my line!  Sadly, I can't say the same for the rest of the States.

When I got home from my serious savings sale, the kids and I pulled out the Christmas decor and music.  We set about putting Christmas up.  I haven't finished yet, though.  A little re-arranging needs to be done, still.

Also, yesterday, we picked up some bunk beds and dressers for our kids.  It is part of their Christmas gifts.  We spent the majority of the day running back and forth from Jeffrey's siblings homes gathering the things we needed for them.  Mattresses, frames, the dressers, etc.  They are both so excited for their new beds.   I am excited that there is now more room in their bedroom and closet.  I need to paint the dressers and beds, but for now, they work wonderfully.  Except last night Keith was afraid of his bed.  He insisted on sleeping on the lower bunk with Faye.  He is over his fear now, though.  As is Faye.  I think they transferred that fear into me.  Anytime Faye tries to climb down from the top bunk, my icy heart jumps into my mouth and speeds up.  Thus far, though, she has managed it like a champ!  Such a sad thing that I lost the SD card to my camera.  Again.  I seem to do that a lot!

I have already begun making the gifts for my inlaws.  Keith and Faye both begged me to make them Christmas blankets this year, so my sewing machine and I are going to be very busy!  Though I hope not too busy to document, and find out what my dear blogging friends are up to!  I have missed you all dearly.  But am satisfyingly busy.


Mare said…
I think Jeff wishes you were home making his ale too. :) Sorry - I just couldn't resist...you put it out there for all of us - I was just first to take the bait!
CB said…
The first thing I saw when I opened the blog post was the book - I had that for my oldest children when they were little ones - such a great book, such good memories.

Glad you are enjoying your family, putting new rooms together and getting ready for Christmas - Happy Day!
Lisa said…
Wow! What a woman! Glad you had some success on Black Friday! And how FUN to have gotten bunk beds! My boys will get some when Garrett gets big enough!
Em said…
my blog is a child of mine. i love it. i am bonded to it. cheezy, i know:)
That is so cute. I do Black Friday here in Cruces and everyone is always very sweet. I go after the rush at like 7:30. I saved a TON of money. Well worth it :)

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