Saturday, November 5, 2011

The One Where I Gush Over Keith In A Random Manner

It was a lovely calming day on 
October 16th 2007.
That was the day I became a mother.
What a difference knowing that boy makes in someone's life.  Especially mine.
I marvel every day at him.  He is so smart.
I caught him reading yesterday.  He has a puzzle with body parts and the names that need to be matched up, and he began sounding a word out.  Who taught him that?!    He is amazing.
He is the best, most kind heart-ed child I have ever encountered.  He is full of faith, and love and does everything in his power to make those around him happy.  Today he was reading a book to Faye.  Helping her learn her colors and shapes.  He is golden.
His favorite things in the world are learning, laughing and Halloween.
Not only does he love to laugh, he makes me laugh all the time.  He has more personality than his little body can hold and it overflows in the cutest ways.  
My goodness, I am surprised how much I love that boy.  I didn't know it was possible to love anyone this much.
Since his birthday was on a Sunday, we went to my mother's house to celebrate all October birthdays that month.
He was very particular about his cake.  It had to look like a graveyard.
I am pretty pleased with the outcome!

It was a wonderful day and I count myself blessed to have such a wonderful little guy.  


Em said...

that is the best halloween cake i have ever seen.

Lisa said...

Happy late Birthday Keith! :)