Mountainous Faith

The faith of a child can move mountains.

I have heard that many times over.

This past week I had the opportunity to witness that faith.

My father in law has two marriages.  One to his beautiful wife, and one to Diet Coke.

He has had at least a few Diet Cokes every day for the past millenia.

He has tried to give it up a few times, with drastic results from what I have heard.

The headaches that followed were heinous.  The mood swings were scandalous and everyone in the tri-state area was relieved when he eventually retreated into the loving arms of his caffeinated wife....

Keith loves learning about nutrition, and his body.  He is very health conscious.  He tries to not eat things that are not good for his body.  He makes sure he gets some exercise every day.  He studies books on the body every chance he gets.  I really am beginning to think he is destined to be a doctor.  However, he is very judgementdal of people who don't follow the strict code of health he thinks everyone should follow.

It all started when we were eating out.  Keith didn't understand why we all ordered water except Grandpa.  He was awfully upset because he really wanted his root beer.  I explained to Keith that carbonated drinks are not good for the body, so we don't drink them very often.  Once in a great while is okay, but often is absolutely not  okay.

On the 29th of October we drove up to Idaho to visit some friends (Hi Lisa!).  On the drive up, Keith was very concerned about his Grandfather's Coke love.  We had a long talk about that.  I told Keith that people have to make their own choices.  They learn what is good and bad for them, but then they need to make a decision how they are going to act.  Just because they don't always make the right choice means they are human, and we are here to learn how to be better.  It doesn't make them bad.  We talked about how Grandpa knows it isn't good for his body, but because he has relied upon it for so long, it is difficult for him to stop.  If he were to stop, it would hurt his head a lot and make him grumpy.  There isn't really anything we can do for him now but be good examples and love him.

Keith seemed satisfied and sat quietly thinking.  After a few moments he sighed.

"Mom?  You can give up on Grandpa if you want, but I wont."

I told Keith he wasn't allowed to tell Grandpa he needed to stop as it might hurt his feelings.  Keith knitted his eyebrows and thought for a moment.

"Then what can we do?" he asked.

"Well, Keith, all we can really do is pray for him, I guess."

When we got home, he began praying for his grandfather to give up Diet Coke because it isn't good for his body...

Last week, amidst the turmoil, my father in law decided he needed to adopt healthier lifestyles.  In so doing, he gave up his Diet Coke.

He did slip and have a drink yesterday, but when he told us about it, he asked that we not tell Keith.  He didn't want to disappoint his grandson.

I am amazed.  I am humbled.  I feel very disappointed in myself.  My four year old son moved a mountain.  All.  By.  Himself.

He is my hero.


*Jess* said…
This post could have been written about MY dad and his Diet Dr. Pepper addiction!
Chantel said…
Maybe he can start praying for Brian, lol. I've tried everything but that man loves his Diet Coke!!!
Susan Anderson said…
I love how he said that you could give up on his grandpa, but he wouldn't.

He is a wise old soul sometimes...

I feel the need to go get rid of my Coffee K-cups...
Emmy said…
That is awesome. Kids really are amazing examples for us,
Lisa said…
WOW! What great faith! Maybe I need to follow grandpa's example and give up caffeine... What a great story!

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