Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Memo to Mother Nature


'Tis the Season, right?

At least that is what the radio is telling me with the 24/7 Holiday Tunes they are playing.  

That is what the stores have been saying since October 13th with their decor strategically placed so as to tempt the unwary shopper.  

That is even what the inside of my house is telling me with the pretty red and green and white decorations loving placed, and moved, and lost, and found/stepped on, then placed back in their original location.

Who forgot to send the memo to Mother Nature?

Anyone know her peeps?  Want to send her a calendar?

I find it very hard to feel like decking the halls, or creating that magical atmosphere that should be permeating souls this time of year when coats are still optional.  Who wants their house to smell of cinnamon and ginger when the weather is telling the mind and soul that it is just March, and to sit tight; those bulbs so carefully buried last year will be peeking up very soon.  But wait, last year really translates into last month!  

And so, I follow the age old advice: "Fake it 'till you make it."

Which is why the decor is up.  Although it feels like I should be reading up on gardening and worrying about the blinding white hole that are my legs.  I don't want to cause temporary blindness to anyone who happens to glance my pasty white way.

Oh Mother Nature, please oh please give me white pillowy walk ways.  If that can't be managed, how about grey skies?  Just something so I can really focus on the magic of Christmas.  The sledding, snow angels, steaming hot cocoa to warm up my hands after having spent a few hours outside shoveling, or having snow ball fights, or building forts.  The warm kitchens, the tantalizing smells of spices and ciders.  The caroling, the ugly Christmas shirts.  I am more ready to enjoy this season now, than I ever have been before.  Just let it feel like winter already!

Moving along, it is nearly December first.  With our advent calendar, I like to do an activity every day.  I would love to hear your favorite activities in preparation for the season.  The things you do to help teach your children about Christmas.  Do share!

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