In The Way of an Apology

I am so very blessed.  

I know this.

Every day it becomes more and more evident.

I have been so very blessed in the friends I have made through blogging.  Thank you for the emails, the phone calls and the letters sent by you.  I truly appreciate it.  I am excited to announce that I am back.

And that means not just updating, but visiting you, too!

Looking in my reader to see more than 1000 posts to read was daunting. 



But today, I took control.  I marked every single one of them as read.  I am starting fresh.  


Soon, I will be by to visit you.  In the meantime, thank you for sticking by and not being a fair weather friend.  You all are wonderful and I just love you to pieces!  Thank you again.


Jenny said…
Sometimes you just have to clean the slate so you can move ahead! I'm glad you did this!

Life is too complicated to be stressed out by blogging, sweet pea!
Terra said…
I have been there...
Chantel said…
You are wonderful as well!!! Come see me in the next week or so. Hopefully I'll have some new baby pictures. Eventually this kid has to come out, lol!!!
Em said…
wait, what's reading blogs like??? i have missed it too;)
Lourie said…
I am behind so I hope everything is okay....if not...I am going to feel horrible for not being a good bloggy friend. But no worries. Sometimes we just have to sit back and take a little break.
Emmy said…
Yea! At the end of every week- usually Sunday afternoon, I mark all as read- because if I haven't gotten to it yet, I never will.
To everything there is a season...
Lara Neves said…
Glad you're back. But certainly never feel obligated. We will always be here. :)

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