First Snow Walk

"Mom, it smells like snow."

We had stepped out into the cool Fall air.  The sky was shinning a lustrous smile and deeply breathing out smells of change.  I glanced at the mountains, looking for signs of the winter night cap of snow.  The vibrant leaves had since dulled and crumbled leaving them majestically tired and worn out looking.  Like a mother with all teens.  Still majestic, but oh so tired and even more worn out.

I tousled Keith's hair and beamed.  I love that he is perceptive to the changes in Mother Nature's moods.  I snatched his and Faye's hands, and ran with them, trying to catch some leaves under our feet to feel the satisfying crunch as we hurried to the van.  We needed to enjoy Autumn just a little longer.

Tonight my brother and sister in law stopped by.  As they were talking in the living room, I passed through and heard my brother in law mention it was snowing.

The hapless romantic in me clawed her way out in the form of a squeal.  After a quick inspection outside to make sure they were actual big fluffy flakes, I shot through the house gathering the essentials.

My ear warmer, my coat, my ipod.

I quickly threw everything on and with a quick wave was out the door and into the magic of the first snowfall of the year.

I believe, and always have, that there is magic in firsts.  The first blossoms in the Spring.  The first hot day.  The first barefoot day, all need to be relished and savored.  Ceremoniously they cannot be missed.

The snow was very wet.  But it didn't matter.  It wasn't supposed to snow until tomorrow and here it was already raining the white fluff down on us.  An early token of memories to be made.  And the fact that it was a night snowfall made the whole thing extra special and dreamy.

I jumped off the porch with arms wide to the sky and radiated happiness.  I ran to the middle of the deserted street and twirled around and around, my face lifted to the cool kisses.  But only for a few moments.  The snow was too wet and I soon worried I would drown going on like that.

My arms dropped to my side, but my smile did not drop from my face.  I skipped down the first block.  The second block brought more serenity.  Watching the dainty white flakes contrasted by the murky blackness of the sky was enchanting.  I buried my chin into the collar of my coat and paused beneath the bough of a gigantic pine.  Every second I was out there brought a cathartic calm to the tempest of my mind.  I took once last moment out of the wet snow, and with a deep smigh, stepped out again, welcoming the wet magic.

I slowly walked down the street and was surprised by the smell.  It smelled of fresh honeycomb from a bee's hive.  I know this smell because my father is a bee keeper and has been since I was a small child.  The little white bees of the sky were busy working around me, getting my appetite and desire ready for a steamy cup of cocoa upon my return.

Soon, I had to relent and go back.  My glasses were soaked and I couldn't see a thing.  Since I already couldn't see, I tipped my head back again, and walked drinking in the moment and the happiness.  With each breath I could feel my inner turmoil replaced with peace and tranquility.  For the first time in nearly a month I actually had the desire to write.  My fingers itched to be the vehicle by which my jumbled thoughts could find their place.  My mind, instead of violently gyrating my words around was ready to let them come out naturally and easily.

As ready as I was to re-enter the warmth of the house, I hesitated.  I didn't want the quiet or magic of that first snowfall to end.  With a final inhalation of the moment, I turned towards the house and walked in the door.

Jeffrey was there, readying a large cup of Pumpkin cocoa for me.  I laughed that my once black coat had seemingly been dyed white on my walk.  And my hair had completely been covered in white.  Wet white that was dripping down my neck and back.

It was a lovely and perfect way to end my magical walk.  I really needed that time to re-connect with myself.  Who knew a wintry walk could be so purifying?


Em said…
the snow puts me in a good mood period.
Lisa said…
Amazing post. Should have read it before it snowed here. I could use some 'snow walk' therapy. Love ya!
Emmy said…
Love it! I love that you really live and enjoy life
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad it inspired you to write again, you do it so well.

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