Faye's Revenge

Faye is mad at me.  Oh so very mad.

She is determined to get even.  

She is turning my hair white.

It all started yesterday when we got home from church.   As usual, we grabbed some lunch, put Faye down for her nap, and waited for her to go to sleep so we could put Keith down.

After about twenty minutes of hearing her play in her room, Jeffrey went down to check on her.  A few minutes later she was standing next to me, hands and face covered in Vaseline.   Her pacifier was caked with it.  And she was grinning an oily greasy grin.  Full well knowing she was supposed to be sleeping but pleased with her success of staying up.

With a sigh and a half laugh, we cleaned her up, threw her shirt in the laundry, and put her back in bed.  This time with a clean pacifier.

Twenty minutes later, we could still hear her playing.  

I went into her room, and she grinned.  

"Hi, Momma!"  

I warned her if she didn't sleep, she would lose her binki.

She dropped down to her pillow and pretended to be asleep.

Again, twenty minutes later, she was still up.

Exasperated that Keith wasn't able to sleep because she wouldn't, I went back in, and warned one more time.  If she didn't go to sleep, she would lose her binki.  For good.

Guess what?

She lost her pacifier.

For good.

And can I just say, it is more of a punishment for me, than it is for her.

I think when I wake up tomorrow morning, my hair will have turned white.

Yesterday, she refused to nap.  Period.

Today, she woke up early, and refused to nap again.  I put her down for bed around 6:00 tonight, and she screamed.  She screamed for a whole hour straight. 

I was so angry with that girl.  All day long.  She had been such a stinker.  Because of that, I refused to go down and comfort her.  My patience had left me after an hour of rocking, and singing and trying to get her to nap earlier in the afternoon.  I didn't want to take it out on her, so I figured the best thing to do would be to let her just cry.

But I can only take her crying for so long.  And honestly, her crying isn't just crying.  It is screaming like she is dying or losing a limb.  It was agony.  After an hour of incessant screaming, I went down, picked her up, and two minutes later, she was asleep.  Her arms were tightly wrapped around my neck, her body hiccuping with her breath from having cried so hard.  She was so small and sweet, and unbelievably angelic looking.  All my anger and frustration melted away.

Taking away the binki really is killing me.

I need nap time, you know.  I need that time to get things done, and to regroup my thoughts and sanity.

I am really hoping that after a week she will learn how to sleep without the binki and go back to her daily naps which she desperately needs.  Which I desperately need.



Anonymous said…
Praying for patience and rest for you Amy! I can only imagine how hard that must be for you, but I know you can hang in there.
Emmy said…
Oh so sorry :(. That is hard- and yrs, I know that screaming/crying well as I have heard it from my oldest two many times
Em said…
Hahahaha!!! Ok not so funny when you're in it, but funny when I'm reading it. Brennan still has his binkies from when he is a baby, but we have finally convinced him to leave them for Santa this year. I had a friend who's little boy put vaseline in her other little boy's hair. They had to shave his head to get it out. Agh!!!
Susan Anderson said…
Hang in there, mama! This, too, shall pass.

Noodle said…
I need to get rid of Ally's binkie too... But I'm to big of a chicken to do it... Every time I think we are ready to rid our self's of the binky... I get a wake up call of the crankiest baby ever!!! And I just give up.... I'm a bad mom... But oh well she get rid of it sooner or later or she will just lose them all and have to go with out... Or I should just have a treable week and get it over with!!! But that kind of week just never fits in to my schedule =)... Good luck and my prayers are with you in your current endevore...
Lara Neves said…
Oh good luck. Taking away the binkie is scary stuff! She'll be okay, though. I swear, my kids would go through these kinds of non-sleep phases and I don't know what got into them! Hopefully she'll pass through it quickly!
Lisa said…
Poor girl. I'm sorry. Hope things are better now.
Poor girl! Hope it is going better now!

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