Saturday, November 26, 2011

Faye. Part Two

From September first until January first, life sprouts wings and flies like a Peregrine Falcon in its hunting dive.  Sound barriers are broken from the breakneck speed in which life chooses to travel.  There are 13 birthdays in the family.  Plus one for our very dear friend.  There is Halloween, Christmas, New Years, October first, September nineteenth, the first day of Fall, and the first day of Winter.  Add to that, the fact I prefer to give home made gifts, and you have a very busy season!

Last week we celebrated the life of my sweet precious girl.  She turned two. 
 What a blessed woman I am to have her as my daughter.  She is such a funny thing, with quite the personality!  It thrills me through and through that she is a Mommy's girl.  She would rather be with me than with anyone, and there is nothing quite like that which can warm my soul so completely.  Mommy time is her favorite time of the day.  

The weeks leading up to her birthday were very busy.  They were full of sewing and wrapping and preparing.  I made her a few dishtowel dresses.  But then I realized, Faye really doesn't need four dishtowel dresses, so I gave one to two of her cousins, and then made a skirt for her other cousin.  I didn't want her to feel left out at all.  Faye loved her dress and wore it all day.
I asked Faye her what type of cake she would like for her birthday, and she said "Present birthday cake!!"  So, that is what he got!  
It was a lovely day. 

How lucky am I that I get to have her until she grows up.  And then some. 


Lisa said...

What a doll she is. LOVE the hat. And what a talented lady you are!

Em said...

HAPPY HAPPY!!! she looks older all of a sudden. love her little owl hat. so cute.

Francisca and Chris said...

Happy birthday GORGEOUS!!!!!!!