Friday, November 4, 2011

A Deep Cleanse

I have been a mad cleaning woman this past month or so.  Nothing is safe from me when the mood strikes.  I have gutted and put back together the bathroom, our bedroom, my sewing area, the family room, the kids room, and today, the laundry room.

Emphasis on the mad part, right?

I figured out today why I think this is.  Which is big, because normally I am a "clean it and forget about it and go play" sort of a person.  Lately, not so much.  

I think here, in this stage of my life, cleaning is my way of dealing with things when they get a bit much or overwhelming.  Instead of feeling helpless, I tackle a looming job and work at it until it looks like vampire skin.  Sparkly.  Sigh.  I can't believe I just alluded to that book.  Forgive me.

Back to topic, my blog was looking a bit dusty and I caught a family of mice eyeing it as prime real estate.  Time to clean it out.

Funny thing how life comes at you in different stages.  Sometimes expressing oneself is easy and comes so naturally, even if there is nothing to be said.  Other times there is so much, it gets difficult to begin and when time is found, a blank mind duels with the stark empty computer screen.  The month of October the empty computer screen was the victor.  I have a suspicion, a hope that November will be vanquished by a mind bursting to be expressed.

And this is my sorry excuse for disappearing.  
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