Faye is a princess.  

Go ahead and ask her.  She will tell you.

Then ask her what her Mommy is.

She will tell you, loudly and proudly.

"Sock!  Mommy is sock!"

This has been going on for roughly three weeks.  She has not changed her story once.

Not even a princess sock, just a sock.

Gotta love the honesty of little children, right?


Shannon said…
Maybe what Faye is meaning to say is that you're one of those {beautiful!} princess sock puppets! :)
Shannon said…
p.s. the Davis Country libraries are having Spooktacular Storytelling all month long. Do you want to meet up sometime with the kids and go? E-mail me if you do and we'll get together! :)
CB said…
That is kinda funny. I wonder why a sock? My first thought, similar to your first commentor, was "Were you playing a sock puppet game with her"?
Unknown said…
Prince Peach! Zoe was that for Halloween last year.

Ok, all girls are princesses, but a sock? Are you sure she is saying sock? Silly little girl!
At least you are not a smelly sock!!!
Emmy said…
Lol! Why in the world are you a sock? Kids do say funny things
Susan Anderson said…
Sock, huh?

Quite the claim to fame you have there, Amy.

Lourie said…
Hey there are some cool socks out there. And socks keep us warm. Socks are good. ;) How funny.
But, OF COURSE, she is a princess! That's what little girls are.
Lara Neves said…
Maybe she is saying queen, but it just isn't coming out quite right?

Bria used to say that daddys didn't wear dresses, they wore "partments." We still don't know what on earth she meant by that....
Myya said…
Kids brutal honestly cracks me up!!! The other day I wore heals out to dinner with my mom & sisters & Aziza (almost 4) told me I looked cute with high heals, although Mommy you would look way cuter if you wore a dress instead of jeans! LOL
Trish said…
That is so funny! Oh my gosh, I wonder what crazy things my kids will say about me in the future!

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