October First

Treats were made.
Invitations were sent out.

The movie was queued up.

And we were ready.

Phone call after call came in.

"I can't make it..."
"We have plans..."
"My kids will be out of town..."
.... etc.

All of our friends for the October First party cancelled.

Then I got a very surprising phone call.  My sister was offering me a night stay in a condo up at Bear Lake.

Free of charge.

Bear Lake is where I spent time every summer as a child.  Every single Summer vacation was held there in my grandparent's cabin.  Right out on the beach.  I loved it.  Now, Bear Lake holds a very special place in my heart.

Jeffrey didn't want to go.  He said it wasn't worth the gas to go up there for a night and come right back the next day.  I thought it was.  I called a few friends to join me, but no one could.  See excuses for the October party.  So, I decided to take the kids and myself up there.
I quickly packed everyone up, and jumped in the car.  We drove up there, stopped at the store in Logan, gathered junk to eat, let the kids pick out a few treats, and then hopped back in the car for the drive through the canyon.  I was racing the sun.  I didn't want to drive through the windy canyon in the dark.  Not my idea of fun.  We listened to Harry Potter as we gazed out the window.

It was very hard to keep my eyes on the road.  The colors were magnificent.  The setting sun was rosy and cheerful.  Dusk was velvety and soft.  And the gradual darkening sky with glowing stars was enchanting.

This is when Keith's curiosity and love of Canyons developed.

"Mom, what is a canyon?"  "What makes canyons?"  "Are we in a canyon?"  "Why are there canyons?"  Do we live in a canyon?"  "What lives in canyons..."

When we got to the condo, unloaded the food, and got our jammies on, the fun began.  We went out on the deck and wished upon the stars.
Google Image
"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.  I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight."

Keith wished out loud for an Ironman toy.  Faye pointed and yelled "Star!  Star!"  I smighed and cherished the moment.

We went inside and made popcorn, turned on the "Fire truck" as Faye called it.  Otherwise known as a fireplace, and nestled down on the couch to watch an October movie.  I had brought all the Halloween movies I owned, and the children finally agreed on The Princess and the Frog.

The Voodoo guy and his spirits are creepy, I tell you!

When the movie was over, and eyes were being rubbed, we decided it was time to get ready for bed.  Once the kids had their jammies on, the bed jumping began.  They jumped for a good ten minutes, giggling with every lift into the air, and belly laughing with every bum landing.  It was hard to not laugh with them.
The condo came with two bedrooms.  A bedroom downstairs with two beds, perfect for the kids.  But I didn't feel very good about them sleeping alone, right next to the door.  So, I had them snuggle with me in the king sized bed.

Which would have been wonderful.

Keith fell asleep immediately.

I had put Faye in the middle so as to be sure she wouldn't fall out of the bed.

And for the rest of the night, I felt like I was sleeping next to water flicked into hot oil.

Faye didn't want to sleep.  After much caressing and singing and stroking, she finally fell asleep around 1:00.  And the kicking began.  I was reminded of bacon in a frying pan.  She was all over that bed.

When morning came, I was actually relieved.  I wanted desperately to sleep.  The three hours I had gotten made me nervous about my drive home.  But being kicked in the face again by an unconscious toddler was not restful in the least bit.

After a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, they got into the tub.

We don't have a tub here.  We have to make do with a shower.

The kids were in heaven in the tub.  It was a like a miniature swimming pool for them.

They got out, and were exhausted.  Most likely because they didn't go to sleep until very late, and woke up early.  I was happy with it though, because it meant they would sleep during Conference.  Which they did!

I was able to sit peacefully and listen to some wonderful guidance and direction from church leaders.

It was lovely.

When they woke up, my sister and her family were there.  We made food, colored, and then nestled down again to watch the second session of Conference.  The kids and I strung Fruit Loops onto licorice strings.
Faye loved hers and sat quietly for ten minutes munching away.
When she finished, though, all my peace was gone.  After chasing one child or another every 20 seconds, I finally decided it was time to go home.  We loaded up the van again, and set out.

The drive home was absolutely breath taking.
I honestly felt like I was driving through a picture.
I desperately tried to get a decent picture, but all I could do was hold the steering wheel with one hand, and hold my other hand with the camera in it out the window, and pray it turned out well.
Most of them didn't.
 But I am so happy I can look at the scenery again and again in my mind.  Glory be, it was gorgeous!
The best view of all, though, was this:


Em said…
so so fun. and you are very brave. i would have left the kids with mr grumpy pants and gone by myself! no disrespect to jeremy;)
Susan Anderson said…
It's so cool that you just went ahead and did the trip anyway. What a cool memory.

And that scenery is AMAZING!

Lisa said…
I am so sorry I missed both activities. I would have loved to be at both!!1 But it looks like a wonderful weekend.
Jenny said…
Oh wow! What a little gift of loveliness for you all!

And for me, too, getting to read this!
Lourie said…
I love Bear Lake...I have only been there once, but remember it well. The color of that water is remarkable!

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