Is This A Date?

Taggart's Grill
I have a few very specific things I do each fall.  October first we have an October party.  Sometime between the first and the thirty first, I go to Gardner Village.  I also go to Taggart's for lunch, and Heber City for the trains with the kids.  Gardner Village is to see the witches.  Of course.  Heber City and Taggart's I go for the leaves.  I must see the leaves on the trees for the season to be complete.

This month, though, things have not been going as planned.

I did not get up to Heber, and I seriously doubt I will be able to.  Very sad.  Thus far we have not been up to see the Witches.  I am hoping to be able to do that on Monday.  Our Halloween party was bust.  No one could come.

But today, I went to Taggart's.

Taggart's is a little tiny town.  I think there are maybe 10 houses in the whole town.  But it is famous for it's grill.  Delicious food.  But not the reason we go there.

Every fall we go there because it is nestled in the canyon.

The vibrant trees like sun drops illuminate the whole area.  Peacocks wander around the grounds.  There is a beautiful waterfall in the back with windows (and a patio) opening up to it.  And there are the peacocks.  I mentioned them, but honestly, that is the reason we love to go.  Today there was a peacock standing on the hood of a customer's car when we left.  I laughed.

I was going to take both kids.  I got Faye all ready.  Her hair fixed, shoes on, decent matching clothes on her... and then she picked up her blanket and just wanted to snuggle.

Who can resist a snuggle with Faye?

I scooped her up, and she told me to sing.  I sang her song.  I sang Keith's song.  I sang silly songs.  For close to half an hour we sang and cuddled.  Until her head became heavy and her eyes began to glaze.  I laid her in her bed, stole a kiss, and sneaked out.

Taggart's became a party of two.

Keith and I climbed into the car, and drove.

He has become fascinated with canyons lately.  He loves to drive through them.  He commented the whole way on the beauty and narrowness of the way.  We sang along to our CD.  The cloudy sky was perfect for an outing, muting the colors but not dulling them in any way.  The heater was warming us, and Keith could hardly stay still in his seat.

As we sat waiting for our food, when we finally got to the restaurant, I was so happy I could spend some one on one time with Keith.  He sat across from me, in a booster chair.  His head resting on his hands, smiling, talking, and laughing.

"Mom, are we on a date?" he asked.

I carefully asked if he wanted us to be.  The last time I had answered in the affirmative, he had gotten mad.  He didn't want to be on a date with his mom, he had huffed.

This time, he smiled sweetly and said emphatically "Yes."

I loved it.

We sat for an hour talking and eating.  We shared a creamy hot cocoa and made faces at each other.  I love making him giggle.  It is one of the best sounds in the world.

When we finished, he asked for a cookie.  I knew he had been eyeing them before we were seated.  I felt like indulging him.  We were on a date, after all.

The sweet waitress asked if he wanted yellow or orange frosting.

"I want a spider web."  He declared.

Keith is very particular with things.

She laughed and said she could make one for him.

She brought back a huge cookie (Keith called it a donut cookie because it was so big) with orange frosting, and a black spider web on it.  She was darling to add a green spider ring to the middle of the web.  The squeal of delight could have been her tip, it was that gratifying.  At least for me it was.

On the way home, I was very careful about playing only music Keith liked.  The poor boy was trying to fall asleep.  I knew if he fell asleep in the car, there would be no hope of a nap when we got home.  We cranked the music, and sang as loud as we could, me watching him in the rear view mirror the whole time.  Every time I saw his eyes begin to droop, I would change it to a song he especially liked.  We rocked out to Kung Fu Fighting, Otro Muerde El Polvo (Another One Bites The Dust),  Ship of Fools, and Tainted Love.  What can I say?  My son has great taste in music.

When we got home, Faye was just waking up.  Perfect timing, I must say.  She had been a good girl by sleeping so her daddy could get some homework done.  I got Keith down for his nap very easily, and then found a surprise.

My sweet friend Jenny had sent me a Halloween package.  It is darling and thoughtful, and quite honestly, it gave me the push I needed to get back to blogging.  Thus far, this month has been awful.  I have been trying to get back to my normal life, and all other aspects were back into place, but I just couldn't seem to make myself sit down at the computer.  Not for lack of things to write about, but more so a lack of motivation.  Thank you Jenny!  You did more than you will know.

Be prepared for an onslaught of posts catching up on everything now.  It feels like I could be back!


Susan Anderson said…
I'll be glad to see you around more often. I miss you!

Sounds like such a fun day with Keith. And I think I would like Taggart's.

Myya said…
That sounds like the perfect date! I want to go to this place, it sounds so wonderful.

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