Holiday Cards

I have been gone for a while.  And honestly I am not sure when I am coming back.  Too much going on.


And in case you didn't notice, that is a huge but.

The holidays are coming!

Normally, I would disown anyone for even thinking about Christmas before Halloween hit.  I think it is just wrong.

But since I started wanting to have homemade Chrsitmas', it is sort of impossible to go along with that.

Also, since wanting to do Christmas cards with all the beautiful colors of fall, you sort of have to think about it, right?

And when thinking about Christmas cards, Shutterfly comes to mind.

Last year I got some Christmas cards from Shutterfly.  I absolutely loved them.  They turned out so much better than I had expected.

This year, Shutterfly contacted me with 25 cards to give to three of my favorite people.  25 cards each, that is.

Honestly, as online publishing companies go, they do it all.  They have free online photo storage, free online photo sharing (without having to log in or sign up your friends or family can see your photos or if you want to get really fancy, a slideshow of what you have been up to.  Like your grandmother who lives far away.  She may never feel the need to visit again, as she can see everything you are up to... wait....) free photo software (eat your heart out, photoshop!) and, if you like your photo but think it needs something more, there are over 400 borders to play with.  And if you want to send a card, every single one can have a little message on the back for free.  What kind of a card?  I don't know, maybe a Christmas card?!

And the selection is beautiful!  So hard to decide which I like the best.  There is something for every style and taste.  I loved the uniqueness and variety.  The With Love card is the one I chose last year and wanted to frame it as a family photo.  I know, either it was that good or maybe I am a little eccentric.  I think possibly a mixture of the two.

The Snowflake Doodles card is so refreshing.  I really like the icy blue.  Sometimes red and green get a little tiring or old in the holiday season.  It is nice to have something new.

Or, if you would like something a little more classic, the Chic Snowball Dots is perfect.  I love polka dots.  They just make me so happy.

Anything you choose, though, will give you the card of envy.  You know the whole reason we send out cards around Christmas is for the envy factor, right?  A way to one up your distant friends and family.  Never mind updating them on the going ons of your life.

On top of that, there are birth announcements, thank you cards, and cards for every occasion.  How could you not find something you like?  How could everyone not envy you?  Really?

To enter to win, you must leave a comment here, telling me which card you like the best.

For extra entries (one each) tweet, facebook, and/or Google+ about it.  Leave a comment here with a link.  Winners will be chosen November 1st.

Wish you luck!


Susan Anderson said…
Pretty neat! I like Shutterfly.


PS. I miss you, but I'm glad things are going well, though busy. Homemade Christmas sounds cool.
Myya said…
I like the Snowflake Doodle. I love Shutterfly. I always order from them too.

I was doing really good posting until this week & now I've fallen off the wagon LOL.
Heather said…
PICK ME! :0) You make me choose ONE design! Brutal. I like so many, however, I have my eye on "Why Hello."
(and "merry words" and "bright greetings.") I'll take one of each please. ha ha!
Trish said…
I have to say, that I feel pretty proud of myself in regards to Holiday cards because I have already gotten mine all printed off and shoved into envelopes! And this is the first year I'm doing real holiday cards. I wish Shutterfly could work for me but it always seems to crash when I want it to work so I just use Snapfish because it stays working throughout the entire process. Anyway, since I'm pregnant it would be fun to win your little contest so I could send birth announcements for free! Yay!
Jenny said…
I make almost all my cards because...well...because I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.


I really, really need to get more I think!

What fun for you to get some freebies! It'll be neat to see what you chose.
Amanda said…
I love the Under Mistletoe card. So cute!
Em said…
loved my cards last year. so awesome:)

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