Spring Cleaning VS Fall Decluttering

Spring is the time when most people get antsy.  They throw open their windows and live in a frenzied dust cloud for a few days as they deep clean.  Clothes lines are at long last cover their nakedness and glory in the finery of bed linens, rugs, drapes, all releasing the musty months of winter as they dance on the breeze, soaking up sunlight.

Spring is a time when most people set improvement goals for themselves.  Whether it be trying to get the beach body, or perfecting a skill, it often gets remembered as the weather begins to tempt them into responsibility.  Spring is a time of rebirth and new beginnings.

I get that.  I truly do.  Yet I am so completely opposite that.  It makes me laugh.

Tuesday Keith's preschool teacher came by and visited with Keith.  I observed, learning how I can help him better, seeing what he needs to improve.  When she left, the two of us sat down, and made a list of what we wanted to accomplish that day.

We are a list making people, in this house.

Prioritized lika any good list should be, it said things like

  • Clean bedrooms
  • Clean bathroom
  • Make cupcakes
  • Groceries
  • Buy Memory game
My room wasn't too bad.  Mainly, I had laundry from the previous day, already folded and ready to put away.  And I needed to make my bed.  Easy, right?  Which is what makes the fact it took me two days to clean so funny.

I walked in, and Spring and Autumn had conspiratorially traded places.  I began by stripping my bed and throwing the sheets in the wash.  Then, I cleaned off Jeffrey's desk.  And by cleaned off, I mean swiped my arm across, sending everything crashing to the floor.  Then the closet caught my eye.  And the book shelf.  And the movie cabinet.  and under my bed.  Nothing was safe from me.  Very soon, I found myself in the middle of a frat house drunken party after mess.  Piles were squishing piles which were suffocating my laundry.  The laundry that I went in there to fold and put away.

Very soon it became apparent I was in desperate need of storage bins if I ever wanted to leave my room again.  I hiked my Mount Everest of Junk, swam through the Nile of Garbage and eventually found the door and encountered a war zone.

I forgot.

When I clean, I focus on an area, then move on only when it is clean.  I don't budge from my area until it is clean.  Which means, I throw things to the general vicinity of where it belongs.  If it goes in another room, I chuck it out the door.  Once one area is clean, I move on, tackling the new area and leaving a jealous Mr. Clean in my sparkly clean wake.

I could barely make it to the hallway from my door.

Yesterday I triumphed.  5 boxes later my room was completely clutter free.  Everything now has a home.  It took me two days to get that laundry put away, but man alive, does it feel good!

Also, yesterday, I managed to deep clean the bathroom.  As in bleach the floor, walls, shower, and clean off the shelves, and make a path down the hallway.

Today, I am hoping to get the kids room cleaned, summer clothes stored away, winter ones brought out, etc.  Also, the toy room chaos needs organization. Next week I have my eye on the fabric pile monster.

And so, though many enjoy Spring cleaning, I have just learned I am an Autumn De-clutterer.  Now if I could just have this motivation in the Spring as well, I would have a beautifully clutter free house... at least twice a year, anyway.

The perk to clutter free rooms?  Halloween also went up yesterday!  I am reveling in it.  Sigh.  I sure love this time of year!


Susan Anderson said…
My house got a thorough cleaning yesterday, too. It's always such a good feeling!

I had to chuckle at your methods...


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