Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Much Anticipated, Long Awaited

The un-official beginning of autumn is today.

It is supposed to be lovely.

As such, we have great plans to spend much of the day in the mountains and at a splash pad.

The best way to celebrate, yeah?


Susan Anderson said...

Have a good one!


Unknown said...

Have fun! We'll be going to the Ice Cream Social at the kids' school. Then I have a GNO with some ladies from my ward tonight! Can't wait!

Natalia said...

That actually makes me kind of sad. I love summer.

Jenny said...

Yeah. It's 109 today. I'm not feeling it too much.


Glad you are, though!

Emmy said...

Yea!! I did break down and buy a fall decoration at the store today-it was just too cute and I love fall decor!!

Lourie said...

Still no AC in my car--tho tomorrow I will have it fixed--so I am not even thinking of it! hahaha. Enjoy your day.

Terra said...

and where exactly are the cooler temps?