Monday, September 19, 2011

A Letter From The Past

Today is my favorite day of the year.  And it has been a wonderful day.

Had I called in and ordered it, the weather could not have been more perfect.

Nathaniel Hawthorne said it best when he said "I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house.  So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air."

I try to live by that quote.  Because, really, who would want to stay indoors at this time of year?  The air is soul food.  Mother Nature knew that without it, winter would only be bearable, not magical.  Autumn is the time that prepares the spirit for the many adventures in the cold.

A while back, I was cleaning out the car and I stumbled upon an old notebook.

As I was about to toss it in the trash pile it fell open.

I glanced at what was in it, fully expecting an old homework notebook.  However, the first page I found stopped me in my tracks, and brought tears to my eyes.

A letter from Jeffrey on our wedding eve:

My Princess,

My dear Amy, I lay down at this time late at night.  This is the last night I will sleep under this childhood single life that I have lived.  I can think back to a million memories of friends and family, laughter and surprises.  I have often looked back and believed with complete confidence to be the most blessed soul that ever could face the woes of life.  All of that has lead this searching soul to the One who I can dwell with forever.  My Companion, friend, lover and spouse.  You are the girl that I have dreamed of and have longed for throughout life.  Tracking on a hot street in Melbourne, with angry people whith whom I must make friends, I remember those times and longing to be with my wife.  To have her close.  I knew that there was something extraordinary about you.  I 'm now marrying someone that I would have loved to have spent more time with from long ago.  The Lord told me without telling me.  I love you my bride, I will always protect you, and love you.

Reading over that made me feel like a bride again.  It seemed to erase Mommy induced wrinkles and gray hairs.  I was once again in the Temple, holding Jeffrey's hands and making covenants so we could be together for all of Time and Eternity.

Today Jeffrey is very tired.  We don't have the money or the time to do anything elaborate or big.

But we do have plans to be together, and really, that is more than enough.

Tonight, I will melt into his arms again.  We will cuddle on our bed and watch Scott Pilgrim VS The World,  eat Sun Chips and relish in the moment.  There will be Stephens cocoa (is there really any other kind worth sipping?), some lemon mint tea (for my cold) or, if Jeffrey is really feeling romantic, he might treat me to some Martinelli's.

I love that although it isn't a lot, we can still make a regular week day magical.  Even if to everyone else, today is just a day, to us, it is very special.

Because we wanted it to be.

 Because we like to make things special and enchanting.  Like Autumn does for the cold lonely months of winter.

Though I am not comparing my life to winter.

Quite the opposite, actually.


Emmy said...

That sounds like a bit of heaven on earth. Love that letter!

Terra said...

What a wonderful memory to find and cherish and so beautifully written about here in your post too

Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

No better plans than those.

Shannon said...

What a beautiful love letter! That is the ultimate love letter! I love how Jeffrey calls you "Princess" :) Great picture too at the top of your post... your post made me very happy after reading it today! :)

Lourie said...

That is so sweet and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

PS I love Autumn too!!!

Susan Anderson said...

What a sweet letter, Amy. Thanks for sharing it.