Evil McKeithel

Last Saturday, I got to go to a beautiful meeting that profoundly filled and edified me.  I am so excited for this weekend where I will hear and learn more!

While I was at my meeting, Jeffrey took the kids to his sister's house to play with their cousins.  When they got home, a little while after me, I was in the kitchen making a snack for the kids before bed.  I heard the door open, and Faye ran in yelling "Mommy!" and then plastered me with hugs.  Five minutes or so went by, and no one else had come in.  Ten minutes later Jeffrey came in carrying tear stained Keith.

I asked what was wrong, and Keith told me his cousins were so fun and he didn't want to leave.  Over his head Jeffrey mouthed "No" and shook his head.  Later that night after the kids had been tucked into bed, I learned that on the way home, Keith had unbuckled his car seat and climbed out of his chair.  He then OPENED THE CAR DOOR as they were barreling down the freeway.

All I can say, I am so glad that didn't happen with me.  I can imagine the complete heart failure and buckets of ice in his stomach as the door opened!  Sad for Keith and happy for us, though, I think his dreams of being a dare devil were scared out of him that night.


Unknown said…
That is pretty scary!

I did the same thing when I was 4 or 5 years old. My mom was so mad at me. But I learned my lesson, and she learned that I did need to wear a seatbelt at all times. lol!
Susan Anderson said…
Oh my gosh! That is SO frightening, Amy. That Keith!!!


Lisa said…
ACK!!! SCARY! Glad everything turned out ok!

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