Anxiety and Summer

The excitement was suffocating.

Keith could hardly stand it.  He was forced to channel his energy.

The outcome?  A new style.  Complete with hangars and some sweet kicks.

After the billionth "are we going yet?" we grabbed two car seats, a bag of tricks, and began walking.

My sweet little brother saved my life.  He picked us up on the corner and drove us all the way to Salt Lake to seal the deal.

After an hour and a half of waiting, paper signing, and waiting some more, the kids were climbing the walls.  My bag of tricks had never failed more epicly.

And then, all of a sudden, it was done.  Doctor Worm is ours.  Er, the debt is anyway.  And the second set of wheels.

The kids couldn't contain themselves.  They practically rushed to DW.

In the car, it felt like the family was complete.  I heard "Mom, she's touching me."  "LALALALALALALA!" "Keithy!!!"  "Stop it!"  and then singing at the top of their lungs.  Laughing, giggling, and a whole lot of playing.  It was very nice.

The above picture is the one where Keith thought it would be a funny thing and good idea to unbuckle Faye's car seat.  He has since learned that is not a good idea.

After we got home, my anxiety had not worn off.  It has been a chaotic few days and I still needed to let my energy out.  Jeffrey had gone out for the night, and since I have a new set of wheels, I packed the kids back in the car, and we went out for donuts. Tasty, hot, melt in your mouth dozen donuts.

However a dozen donuts is way too many for the three of us to eat.  My parents live just around the corner from the lovely donut shop so we thought we would pop in for a visit.

Faye was lovely in the flower garden.  Like a fairy, she fit right in.

Dear Summer,
You know I love you, right?  The freedom, the heat, the hikes, etc.  I love it all.  And as much as it pains me to say, you just can't compete with the Fall.  Like a Disney star desperately grabbing at the limelight you briefly enthrall the attention and then whet the appetite for culture and taste.  I am not wanting to be bagging on you, Summer.  I really do like you (I secretly sometimes watch The Disney Channel).  I am really going to miss the way you make that sweet little girl of mine shine.  As much as I love Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant a little David Henrie can really bring a smile to the face.  Summer certainly has charms that will be sorely missed.  Don't be long in returning, okay?
Your fair weather friend,


WOW!! :) My kids get anxious too. When we're all ready Clara starts to cry if she isn't picked up and Carson's like we ready...let's go. It's so funny how kids get.
Awesome new ride!! :)
Heather said…
well, i see you went through with the deal. i hope you are happy about it- and, i want to see the worm :0)
Enjoy your van! (We got a new one a few weeks ago, too, which I promptly smashed, twice... I'm not good with cars lately!)
Unknown said…
Yay for a new car!! That has to be such a sweet relief. We're still looking for our second car. :(

I, too, will miss summer. Your feelings for summer are my feelings for fall. It's a love/hate thing. :D
Lisa said…
Woohoo!!! So glad you have a car! And I agree about summer. I have always been a cold weather person, but summer has it's nice points!
Chantel said…
Congrats on the new van!! At least your kids can sit by each other. Mine can't. So they sit in the back row, one on each end with the middle slot empty. That way they can't smack each other. Right now the middle row of seats is empty but we'll put the baby there when he gets here.
Susan Anderson said…
Congrats on the new wheels. Love the name you've awarded it.


PS. Cute pics of Faye the Faerie Sprite!
I'm happy for you guys :) Wohoo!!!!!!!!!!

Faye with the flowers was gorgeous.
Emmy said…
We always test drive the cars with Eric and then leave to let him do all the haggling and paperwork- as no bag of tricks can last for six hours- time it took for the last car we bought. Congrats again!
Lourie said…
We sold Rich's car for financial reasons. I already want it back. I am so happy for you!!! Having two cars is awesome!
Em said…
that totally happened with brennan's carseat except i slammed on the brakes and he slammed forward into the back of my seat!!! it was so scary! he was completely strapped into his 5 point harness, just not seatbelted into the car. he had unbuckled it when he was riding in the booster seat to swimming the day before. oye!!!

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