Sick and Tired

This week has seriously stunk.

I mean, majorly.

Because I have been sick.

Which means the kids have basically had full run of the house.

Which is bad.  So very bad.

Keith decided to try a new canvas for his artistic skills.  And of course, a regular pen and paper wouldn't do.  He decided to go big or go home.  Which roughly translates into sharpie.

I still don't feel well.  I have been in bed basically all weekend and week.

Which is why life has been boring here.

The good news, though, is Jeffrey had two interviews.  One was for a part time job.  The other, he was told he is overqualified for, and so they took his resume and sent it higher up.  He has an interview on Tuesday.  I am praying my guts out and keeping my fingers crossed that he will get the job so I can quit and be a full time stay at home mom.  Which has been my dream since I was a little girl.

I always marvel at the balance of things.  Things can be up and down at the same time.


Noodle said…
Bummer I hope you get feeling better really soon... Sick mommy is never fun....
CB said…
Oh man I am sorry you are feeling sick. I think that it is more horrible to be sick in the summer - Ugh!!

I'm going to say a little prayer that your husband gets the job he wants!

Dreams do come true - sometimes patience is a must, but I know you already know that!! You are awesome!
Emmy said…
Oh no :(. So sorry. Oh I hope he gets a job! Will keep you guys in my prayers.
Susan Anderson said…
I hope you get well!
And I hope that Jeffrey gets that job!!

I'm shooting you an email!!!! Anyhow I pray Jeffery gets it. He is very talented at work and you are one of the most gifted stay at home mom's I've ever met so I think it would work great for him to get a great new job!!!!!!

FEEL BETTER!!! Harmon has tried that before. I kid you not, I had to learn after his "couch Sharpie art" that those darn things have to stay under lock and key.
Unknown said…
Oh, that is awesome!! Not you being sick, the interviews. I'll be praying for you guys.

Hope you get better soon. It's just not fair being sick in the summer. I miss my friend.
Shannon said…
My heart went out to you {and your walls} when I read that Keith discovered not just any marker, but a SHARPIE! You and Jeffrey will be in my prayers, I hope his job interviews go well. Keep us updated! :)
Veronica said…
Man, being a mom is rough enough without being sick on top of it, praying you feel 100% soon!

As well as praying Jeffrey gets the job that is best for him and your family!

Sharpie!!!! Yikes, hopefully he got the majority on the paper.
Cheeseboy said…
Fingers crossed for your husband. I hate the overqualified thing. Just give me the job is what I say!
Lourie said…
Feel better...

Try hand sanitizer to remover the sharpie from where he colored...I hear it works....but google to double check

Prayers being said for your hubby!

Em said…
My kids have all been sick so none of us have been sleeping until last night. Made all the difference. Feel better soon:)
Jenny said…
Oh Amy, I'm sorry! Hoping your feeling better by now! Drink lots of water and take some extra vitamin B for your stress!

Hoping to hear good news for your husband.

Hugs from Arizona

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