A Pirate's Life For Me

Sometimes being a boy just isn't enough.  Piracy is the only other option.


Terra said…
that looks like so much fun!
Susan Anderson said…
Both of my grandsons have been waaaay into pirates.

Myya said…
That DOES look like so much fun! I think my girls would love that too :)
My son would LOVE that!! Boys and pirates! Now he's going to hide things all over and they will never be found! LOL
Shannon said…
Thomas loves pirates too :) Have you ever been swimming at the Bountiful Rec. Center? There is this giant pirate ship in the outdoor kids pool. We should go sometime!

Also, have you been to the Castle Heights park in Fruit Heights? There's a pirate ship there too :)

We need to start making playdates! I have a feeling our kids would have a ball together, and we would too! :)
Lourie said…
Ahoy, me hearty!
CB said…
Boys and Pirates just go together!!
Em said…
Love love love this.

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