Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mothering Is Sweet Nectar

Being a mother is a blast.  Have I ever mentioned that?
Both yesterday and today I have spent basking in the attention of my children.  

I don't even remember exactly what it was we did yesterday.  

I do know there were some teaching moments, some number recognition learning, some pirate loot finding, and many other things.  I honestly have no clue what used up the whole day.

But I do remember the feeling.  I do remember how good and happy I felt all day yesterday.

There were no tantrums.  There were no raised voices.  Just the happy chatter of children and a heart that was floating near the heavens.  

Today is another wonderful day.  We cleaned the kids room and it was fun.  There were no toys flung at walls, no stomping or banging on the door, and no frustration on my part.  Instead, everywhere, there was peace, and joy and togetherness.

After Faye went down for her nap, Keith and I pulled out the craft crates, and my Silhouette.  We had no idea what we were going to make, but when we finished, we were very pleased with our projects.  A creepy Halloween picture frame, and a superhero sign for Keith's room.  Keith desperately wants a sign that says "No Daddy's Allowed," and he will get one, just not today.  That is a project for another day. 

When Keith went down for his nap *with no fighting at all,* Faye and I played with her baby doll.  We read the doll stories, changed it's diaper, put her to sleep, and took her for walks in the doll stroller.  
Currently, Faye is sitting on my lap while I write this, feeding me pita chips, and giving me kisses and smiles.

I am reveling in my role as a mother.  This divine calling I have is joy in itself.  

Yesterday I was listening to a Conference talk by Elder Richard G. Scott on the blessings of marriage.  It really hit home, and I now declare, is among my favorite.  Watch it and feel uplifted and happy.  

Jeffrey is now gone to his interview.  I ironed his pants for him, and slipped a little note in his pocket.  I never know if he appreciates the notes I leave him or not, but I still like to leave them for him sometimes.  I do love that man, and I want him to know that I think he is wonderful, whether or not he gets the job.  Though, I am still praying my guts out that he will get it.  I hate times like this, though.  The constant waiting and wondering. I wish they could tell him immediately after the interview if he got it or not.  I know it doesn't work that way, but I really wish it did.  Thank heavens for a little thing called Faith.  It is wonderful and so comforting to me to know that the Lord has our lives firmly in his hands, and whatever happens, will happen for a reason.  If Jeffrey doesn't get the job, I will know that it is because something else is in store for my little family.  And I am grateful for that knowledge.
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