Monday, August 29, 2011

The Many Adventures of Heather and Me

Where to start?  What a wild week we have had.

My last day of work was Thursday.  It was a lot of fun.

Before work, I took Keith with me to Heather's house where we let the kids run amuck while we made banana bread with the 20 bananas Heather had.

After work, Heather and I went to an ethnic restaurant and indulged in some very tasty food.  We stayed out giggling and having fun until around midnight.  It was a wonderful way to end the two month evening job we had.

Friday, I met up with Heather and her son at a park.  There, we sweated as the boys ran around the playground.  After about thirty minutes, though, the heat insulted a little too much, so we got in the car and went somewhere with air conditioning.  And a play place.  Arctic Circle, to be exact.

As we drove there, Keith caught on to the fact that was the place we were headed.  And the whining began.

I have never been so proud of him than I was in that moment.

"But Mo-o-om!" he began, "That place has hamburgers and french fries!  They are bad for my body.  They wont help me grow up strong.  I want to be strong and healthy, and that food isn't healthy!"

I assured him I would find something for him, and relieved, he sat back and quietly waited until we arrived.

I ordered a salad for him, and he was thrilled.  He stopped playing for a few minutes so he could crunch on his salad, and when he finished the whole thing, went back to playing.

Saturday I took him up to the Temple with his primary.  It was beautiful.  I loved being able to walk around holding his hand, and talking about the sweet spirit we were feeling.  He is such a good boy.

And then, it was time for a birthday party.  The party of his best friend, in fact.  Suffice me to say, it was a very long day.

I made fish and rice for dinner that night, though, and it was delicious.  I was very proud of myself.  It was incredible.  I did use NieNie's recipe, so that might be why it was so great.  I would like to add fish to our diet, once a week.  Fresh fish, I mean.  Wild caught.  None of this farmed business.

Today, Heather and I met up, and went to a little farming town where we indulged in some awesome produce.

 $0.05 per zucchini.  I was in heaven!  I am anxious to go back and stalk up on tomatoes.  I am excited to start canning.  While I was browsing among the food, Faye stole a peach.  She just couldn't wait any longer so she swiped it off the table and began to eat it.  They were so nice, though.  They said she could just have it.

As I was putting the produce away, I possibly may have danced with the produce.  A bit.  But it is lovely, and makes me happy.

On our way home from getting the produce, she showed me a very naughty place.  (Can't wait to see what pervs come to my blog now, for googling that.  Sigh.)  The Lofthouse Cookie Outlet Store.  A whole box of cookies for a dollar.  It is sinful.  Really.  It should be against the law.  We bought two, and have enjoyed a little snack now and again.

It is wonderful not working.  Wonderful being with the kids all day, and wonderful not having to limit my activities because I have to be to work at a certain time.  It seems like my Summer just began.  Too bad everyone else's just ended.  And it is a good thing I have Heather to enjoy the work free days with!
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