Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Am Not a Robot, I Am a Unicorn.

Today was fire.

I amazed myself at the productivity.

But I think I burned myself out.  Like burned rubber.  I know it doesn't make sense, I just wanted to say that.

I did the laundry (some of it, anyway), baked four loaves of bread, a batch of rolls, and zucchini casserole.  I basically lived in the kitchen today.
The kids enjoyed helping.  Especially Faye.

As I was wearily contemplating the evening, the bed time, the chaos, and the tiredness that I am feeling, I stumbled across something that made me laugh.  It helped.  A lot.

I am not saying today was bad. I am not saying that I needed a laugh. I just wore myself completely senseless, and this made me happy.  Arguing, philosophic robots.  Brilliant!
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