HELP, Lost Brother.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.  We are so excited for this new job, and it is a huge blessing.  You, my friends, can move mountains!

And now, I was recently informed of a mountain that needs moving.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

My friend Chantel emailed me this morning, full of worry.
Her brother is in the military.  He was stationed in Alaska, but is being transferred to Colorado.  His wife and 6 month old baby flew out here last week, and are waiting for him to arrive.  He should have arrived yesterday.  He did not.  She called border patrol, and he has not passed into the states yet.  Since his phone does not have reception in Canada, she has been tracking his credit card purchases.  It was last used in the Lake Louise area on Tuesday night.  Clearly, she and their whole family are worried sick.  They just want to be sure he is okay.

Please, oh please, my friends, post about him on your blogs.  Especially those in Canada.  Lake Louise area or otherwise.  Hopefully someone will see him and recognize him.  Or possibly hear something about him and can get word back to his family.  I know how wonderful you all are.  If you could possibly include him in your prayers, it would be greatly appreciated.  Chantel can be reached here if you have any questions or comments for her.  Thank you again, so much!


Susan Anderson said…
This is scary, Amy. Hopefully, he is just delayed and not realizing how much everyone will worry. In the meantime, I will keep him in my prayers for sure!

Unknown said…
That's super scary. He'll be in my prayers.
Emmy said…
So scary- oh I hope everything is okay. Please keep us informed. And will keep them in my prayers.

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