Monday, August 8, 2011

Give Me A Break

Saturday was amazing.  Jeffrey and the kiddos went to Bear Lake for a family vacation.  Unfortunately, I was not able to go.

As I watched them drive away, I got a little excited.  For the first time in nearly five years, I had a chance to rediscover myself.  I had a chance to be just me.  Not Mommy me, not wife me, just Amy!

The options of what to do were endless, but fortunately, I had my day all planned out.  My dear friend Lisa was braving a two hour drive with no A/C so we could finally meet in real life.

I love her even more now that I have met her.  She is wonderful!  While talking with her, I learned we have a connection.  She knows my oldest sister, and used to babysit my nieces!  They are 19 and 17 now, so that was a very long time ago.  But my niece and her little brother are best friends.  It made me happy and laugh.  It truly is a small world!

When she got down, she needed to feed her baby (Jeffrey, if you are reading this, I want one).  He was so cute, and all smiles and calm and made me so baby hungry!  My goodness, I just wanted to play with him and squosh his cheeks.  Adorable, I tell you.  We decided to take an hour drive to visit our friend Evelyn who was not there.  But it was fun to spend the time together.  I was a little worried before meeting her about awkward pauses and nothing to talk about, but Lisa and I must have been friends in another life.  We are already trying to make plans for our next visit!

I have to say, I am so grateful for technology and the wonderful friendships I have made over the past few years.  It is magical.

Lisa went home, and I had all intentions of going to bed early.  But somehow, that didn't happen.

Sooner than expected midnight rolled around.  I sat on my bed, doing some last minute getting ready for sleep.  Er, watching some very creepy Doctor Who.  The perfect thing to do while home alone, right?  As I was drifting between the land of David Tennant's dimple, and sleep, I heard a gentle snoring.  Instinctually, I leaned in to my pillow, and reached out, feeling for a little diapered bum.  When I felt nothing, I jerked awake.  It was the dog snoring on the floor, not my little Faye.  I sighed, and readjusted my attention to the dimple, but my mind would not focus.  I marveled at how fortunate I am.

My day was glorious.  It was restful, and stress free, and happy.  But at the end of the day, I did miss my family.  Knowing they would be home the next day gave me such security.  I thought of the difference for people who have their families torn away from them by death, or other circumstances beyond their control.  I said a little prayer for the safety of my family.  I would much rather have them with me with a little break once in a while, then to have all the free time in the world, and now little ones to tickle, and no Jeffrey to snuggle into at night.

Having said that, I have also come to the conclusion that breaks are necessary for the sanity and mothering of mothers.  At least twice a year.  I have noticed a huge difference in the way I act and react to my family.  I am much more patient and calm and happy.

I think this weekend was a success!

Minus the fact Jeffrey took the camera with him.  :)
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