Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Food Beware

I am seriously debating going organic.  And not just food, but cleaners too.  

I just watched a show on Netflix called Food Beware.

As they say, you can't put a price on health, despite what the insurance companies say.

I highly recommend it.  It really opened my eyes.  

I have a million thoughts on the subject swirling around my head right now, and am having a hard time getting it out in an eloquent (or even coherent) manner.  

Keith's preschool teachers came by to meet him today.  They were very impressed with him.  One of the teachers brought some games for Keith to play while I talked with the other.  They were very surprised that he knows his colors and numbers and how articulate he is when he talks.  When he said "Actually, I want to play a different game," they told me Actually is not a word that most 3 year olds know, or know how to use. I was so full of pride for my smart children.  Faye also dazzled them with her talking and excitement.  I loved it.  When people, especially strangers, praise my children, I just glow.  I think they are something special, and it really reinforces that thought when others tell me how great they are.  Of course, that is the best way to a mother's heart, right?  By praising her children.  Feed a man and praise a woman's children.  I think that is the rule.

I wish I had a Pensive (from Harry Potter world) so I could just show my thoughts because they really are out of control.  I feel very stupid tonight as my brain is all muddled.  But writing about it helps me to sort things out, and perhaps one day, I will have the words to share.  In the meantime, what are your thoughts on organic and GMOs?
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