Food Beware

I am seriously debating going organic.  And not just food, but cleaners too.  

I just watched a show on Netflix called Food Beware.

As they say, you can't put a price on health, despite what the insurance companies say.

I highly recommend it.  It really opened my eyes.  

I have a million thoughts on the subject swirling around my head right now, and am having a hard time getting it out in an eloquent (or even coherent) manner.  

Keith's preschool teachers came by to meet him today.  They were very impressed with him.  One of the teachers brought some games for Keith to play while I talked with the other.  They were very surprised that he knows his colors and numbers and how articulate he is when he talks.  When he said "Actually, I want to play a different game," they told me Actually is not a word that most 3 year olds know, or know how to use. I was so full of pride for my smart children.  Faye also dazzled them with her talking and excitement.  I loved it.  When people, especially strangers, praise my children, I just glow.  I think they are something special, and it really reinforces that thought when others tell me how great they are.  Of course, that is the best way to a mother's heart, right?  By praising her children.  Feed a man and praise a woman's children.  I think that is the rule.

I wish I had a Pensive (from Harry Potter world) so I could just show my thoughts because they really are out of control.  I feel very stupid tonight as my brain is all muddled.  But writing about it helps me to sort things out, and perhaps one day, I will have the words to share.  In the meantime, what are your thoughts on organic and GMOs?


Jenny said…
You are never stupid. It's a crazy world out there. How can you not twirl in brain circles trying to figure out which way is up!

Great teachers report! He is such a neat little fella.
Susan Anderson said…
I think organic is good if you can afford it. And if not, I think you should use a drop or two of joy and wash every bit of produce like crazy!


PS. I think your kids seem pretty dang sharp!
CB said…
I think with food it needs to be washed well (produce and such) and cooked to the correct temperatures and eaten in moderation and you will probably live just fine.

I am not ready to jump on the organic, or the vegetarian, etc...bandwagon. I truly believe in moderation in all things. Oh and get rid of white stuff - because it is processed but even that is hard.

It is kind of scary though because we don't have control over alot of things. But in other countries it is much much worse. We are pretty lucky in the U.S.

Glad your kids are doing so well - It is fun when they can show off and impress other - it makes your buttons kind of bust :-D
Anonymous said…
If you can, grow your own. You don't need a lot of land and it's good for the kids. Best of all, you control exactly what goes into your plants and it's super satisfying to eat food you have grown yourself.
Em said…
Our brown rice is organic and gmo free. Our eggs are Cage free, free range, organic brown eggs. Our beef is grass fed organic free range beef, which we don't eat much of now bc it's $10/lb at whole foods. I would prefer free range, cage free organic fed chickens, but it's more expensive than the beef so I have only bought it once. The reason I am so picky about the beef is bc of the processed fillers that are not listed on the label. Referred to as pink sludge (others use the "sh" word here most times), which is in all ground beef up to 15% in American grocery stores. It is the part of the cow that is not supposed to be edible by humans (and used to be used in dog food) but the meat packing plants have figured out how process it down, then wash it in ammonia to kill the terrible bacteria and grind it out of a meat grinder so it looks like ground beef. Saw the demonstration on Jamie oliver's food revolution. So now I will only buy grass fed (which are healthier for the animal and you--cheaper to feed them corn so the big plants just do that but it makes the cows sick bc they were designed to eat grass so they are always on antibiotics which are ten passed onto you when you eat the beef). I am occasionally picky about fruits and vegetables, I only buy winder farms milk bc it is free of all hormones and growth additives ad processes. I would think you could get it where you are. We spend $20/week on milk but it's worth it to us for the health benefits. I haven't totally converted our cheese yet, but occassionally I will. I only buy Aspen mills bread made in Utah bc it has 4 ingredients and has no process that is not natural. I can't tell you what all of the changes over the past year have done for our quality of health and life. You won't regret it in the long run but it is hard to get used to what food is really supposed to be costing instead of the cheap junk we are all used to buying. I did all of those things except the milk and beef in grad school when we were on a tight tight budget and I really believe that it is obtainable for everyone. Particularly if you are a vegetarian which I think you might be bc the meat is the most expensive. We have switched to "sparingly". Imagine that!!!;):):) I also buy fish once a week. Never farmed. I will only buy wild fish. The wild sockeye salmon from Costco is the best price and a family favorite. WATCH FOOD INC. it will change your life and the way you look at food. Every time we spend money at the grocery store we vote. We vote on weather we want them to keep making crap that is slowly killing us all (sounds dramatic, but I am a huge believer of organics), verses healthy food that fuels us and gives us and our children a better quality of life. Yay organic awareness! (and I still eat fast-food every once and a while bc I am not going to completely fence myself off. I just try to make consistent organic and UNprocessed choices as much as possible).
Em said…
*whether, not weather!:)
Emmy said…
So happy that the teachers realized how awesome he is! Very PMM!
Carrie said…
We grind our own meat and make our own peanut butter. We are such snobs;) Really though, I think any effort you make in the right direction is good. Even if it's just changing your cleaner brand...and being educated is key. I am also weary of the word "organic" because it is such a loose term especially in the grocery store. It is barely regulated, so you can be paying more for food that is not organic at all. I think that being educated about what goes into your body is important, so again, take a step back and figure out what you can do that will make a difference in how you feel and live your life for the better.

YAY for smart kids!
Trish said…
When I was first trying to decide if I wanted to do more organic or all organic or what....I found the OCA (organic consumers association) and signed up for their newsletter. I have learned a lot from them and made my decision.

Check out the "Dirty Dozen" list each year to know what produce is most contaminated. And GMOs are for real, buying organic really is the only way to guarantee that you are eating real, God-made food. Its unfortunate, but true. So, knowing which foods are grown most (corn, soy, wheat, etc) will tell you when you buy non-organic of that type of food that you are eating GMO and no its not a good thing.

Okay, I'm gonna let you do your own research and come to your own decisions and let me know if you have any specific questions you think I can help with.
Lisa said…
LOL! Loved the comment about feed a man and compliment a woman's children! SOO true!

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