Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Feeders

I took Keith with me to the store today.

It was time to do some grocery shopping.

The highlight of the shopping trip for him was discovering the produce scale.  He insisted on weighing everything we had in the basket.

The simple things that delight children always makes me smile.

The low point for me came As we were standing in line at the checkout.  I started playing with the boy.  I poked his belly button and asked him what it was for.  He said it was just his belly.  I asked him if he ate through it.  He laughed and poked my chest.

"Mommy, what are those?"

Playing dumb, silently praying I was misunderstanding him, I said "What are whats?"

"Those things that are poking out on you.  What are they?" he continued to try to poke them.

While swatting his hand away, I leaned over and whispered in his ear that they are baby feeders.

Really loudly, he said "OH, Baby Feeders!  To feed babies.  But Mom, you don't have a baby anymore.  Why do you still have Baby Feeders?"

If for nothing else, children are great at teaching us humility through humiliation.
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