Won't You Be My Neighbor? Hi, Neighbor.

Today was a lazy day.  And by that, I mean, it was lesiurely, and delightful, but we were by no means lazy.

Keith has been having a hard time living here.  In the last house, his best friend lived right next door, so he got to go out and play all the time.  Here, not so much.  He has spent far too many hours looking out the window, wishing for someone to play with.  It breaks my heart just a little.
Today,  Jeffrey wanted the lawns mowed, but had a lot of homework to do.  So Keith and I set about doing it.  While we were raking up the leftover grass, a girl stopped by and asked if she could play with Keith.  The whole family was ecstatic.  It was the first time anyone in the neighborhood wanted to play with my boy.  He was so happy to finally have someone to play with.  I was excited for the same reason.  (She just came back, and Keith is happier than a clown in a ball pit) (assuming clowns like ball pits)

While they played outside, I worked on the yard.  I watched them run around, and trip on the croquet hoops, chasing the dog, and even helping with the weeding a little.  When we were through with the front, we all moved into the back and did it all over again.
After lunch and naps, we pulled out the pool.  Faye would live in the pool if she could.  She is always furious when I make her come in and dry off.  Her little lip quivers from cold, she shakes and shivers, and shoots darts at me through little nearly two year old eyes.  It always makes me laugh.

After dinner, the kids were rowdy.  I needed to find an activity for them.  Keith and I have been talking about cloud shapes for a while now, and so we finally made some.  Clouds, that is.

It was easy, and a big hit.  I think I may like them more than the kids.  I can't wait to make them into a mobile for their room.  In the meantime, the clouds are hanging off the dinning room light fixture.

Faye is sleeping, Keith is playing with his friend, and I am getting ready for work.

But I have to say:

Magical afternoon?  Mission accomplished.  It was lacking a bit of koolaid or lemonade, but other than that, I think, for me anyway, this one is going down in the books as sublime.


Lisa said…
What a wonderful afternoon! I wish mine had been so peaceful!
Susan Anderson said…
So glad Keith has found a friend!

Unknown said…
So happy for you little dude.

We so need to move into a house with a yard. We are all going stir crazy being locked up in the house. And I'm not willing to go over to the play area here with all the nasties that are found there. And all the good parks are just outside of walking distance with 5 kids. Boo!
Terra said…
YAHOO for friends! She stayed a long time too...wowzers!
Emmy said…
Yea! So glad he has a friend! Very cute clouds
aww that picture of Keith by the window is sooo sad! Carson is like that too when he doesn't have anyone to play with! :( I'm so glad he found someone though !! Brighter day!
Jenny said…
Is there anything sweeter than a little kid with a new friend?

I'm so glad she came by!

And so glad he didn't have to spend the day looking out the window.

What a sweet post!
Noodle said…
So happy for you and Kieth... He looked so happy with her... I look forward to knowing the nieghbors... But allas we have had only one and no kiddos...
Trish said…
Thank goodness that little girl came and rescued Keith from his boredom. So sweet!
Myya said…
Keith looked so sad in that window. I am sooo glad a friend found him :)
Em said…
when we moved from our family yard brennan wasn't old enough to really notice, but I def noticed b/c there were no cousins to send him outside to anymore. now that he has a friend that lives in the house behind us he asks all day to play. not sure if i like it or not...ok, i like it, but you know what i mean. yay keith!

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