Single to The Glory

Yesterday the kids woke up very early.  Very.

Once Jeffrey and I pulled ourselves out of bed, the kids pounced with requests of a supreme breakfast.

Restaurant style.

So with his parents, we gathered the kiddos up, put them in the car and headed over to Denny's.

I hate restaurant eating with little kids.  I never get to eat any of my food between the stopping fighting, spilling, cutting up food, and entertaining.  Sigh.  But it does mean I get food for the next day.

Afterwards we went to the park and met up with some friends for the parade.
Faye was a big hit.  Even people on the floats were yelling to me that she was adorable.  Can't say that I blame them, though.  She is darling.
Jeffrey went to the park around 4:30 to save a spot for the fireworks while the kids and I finished up our day of activities.  The fireworks were smashing.
In my town, an orchestra starts a concert around 8:30, and they play until the fireworks start with The 1812 Overture being the last song, kicking off the fireworks with a brilliant cannon ending.  The timing is always perfect.

Jeffrey, knowing the bone rattling boom is my favorite part of all, found a spot next to the cannons.  I was thrilled, although a little hesitant as to how Faye would handle it.  The cannons are LOUD!

And she made me so happy.  She truly is my daughter.  When those cannons went off, she Jumped in her seat (not from fear, from excitement) and squealed.  She loved it!  When the fireworks went off, she kept trying to reach them and hold them in her hands.  The whole hour she bounced in her seat squealing "Pretty!  Pretty!"  It is true.  My Faye loves fireworks as much as I do!
Keith, on the other hand was a completely different story.  He ran around, getting into the treats we had brought until the display began, and then he gazed at the sky.  Not the great explosions in the sky, but he was searching for stars.

 "Mommy!  I found a star!  Does that mean Jesus is coming tonight?"  He kept asking, turning my head away from the fireworks and toward the lone star that shone determinedly from behind the smoke.  He barely watched the brilliant lights in the sky at all.  What a silly boy.  Though I was grateful for his spiritual reminder.  That is what it means to have your eye single to the glory of God.
Yesterday was glorious!

P.S.  Thank you Heather for the photos!  My camera batteries died, so I didn't get any photos of the day.  Once again, Heather saves the day.


Terra said…
Ok, Faye was ADORABLE and the day looked wonderful! I am glad for you!
Lara Neves said…
Looks like you had a wonderful 4th! I love the Fourth of July! Faye is almost edible in her festive hat and dress, too. No wonder everyone thought so!
Heather said…
no worries. you know i am picture happy :0) glad you had such a happy day full of things you love.
Darlene said…
It looks like you had a great time celebrating. We had a rather quiet 4th of July. We did get to see the fireworks though. We had great seats, right at the end of our driveway!

Faye and Keith are both so adorable. I loved that Faye was thrilled with all the fireworks and noise. It was fun to read about Keith and his finding the star. Aren't children just the greatest thing.

I think it is great too, that you are determined to stay with your blog. It will be so nice for your children when they get older. My daughter Sue has hard copies of her blog every year so it will all be in book form for them. I understand a lot of people do this and I think it is just a terrific idea. I am so sorry that I didn't at least keep a running journal of all the funny and neat things they did and said as they were growing up. I am now 84 years old and think how happy it would make me feel if I had something to remind me of all the fun times we all had as they were all growing up, to say nothing about how the kids themselves would love reading about all they did when they were young. Alas, we do make mistakes in not keeping records because we let ouselves just get too darned busy. I am happy for you!
Shannon said…
I love Faye's outfit! I want one in my size! Good for you for taking the kiddos out for a restaurant-style breakfast, you deserve to not be cooking when they wake up very early! :)
Emmy said…
That is a long time to have to save a spot! Glad he was able to for you. And so glad Faye liked it so much!
Sounds like a great day.

And yes- there are a few years that restaurants are more work than they are worth.
Susan Anderson said…
Faye's hat is classic!

And so is Keith's star comment.

Oh my dear Faye was SOOOO CUTE!
alpinekleins said…
Looks like you all celebrated in real 4th of July holiday style. Summer memories - they somehow get us through the cold of winter on the lingering summer memories :)


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