My Philosophy on Wildplaces

This Summer has been the most outdoorsy since I was a teenager.  I have missed that.  I have missed the sun and the mountains and fields.

Too many long hours and days and weeks and years shut up in an office, in a house, chained to dirty dishes, laundry, messy beds.  Too many lifetimes wasted being practical.

But, I seem to have said goodbye to that part of me.  I seem to have gotten past caring about the toilets and toys.  Life is far too short to be lived behind closed doors.

On Saturday Jeffrey and I went for a walk in a Wildplace after we tucked in our little childlers.  It was lovely.  The moon was so full and close.  Everything had a blue/white tinge to it.  The world smelled so much fresher and crisp and somehow innocent.  It is amazing the difference between night and day in a Wildplace.  The things once familiar become strange and mystic and somehow even more beautiful.  The Russian Olive Trees looked as if they were adorned with a lacey veil.  Like a bride.  From the bench beneath, we were covered for a delicate kiss.  It was fantastic.  
Alas, I paid a very heavy price for that frolic.  I forgot that I am allergic to grass.  Usually it isn't a problem because the grass only comes up to my feet.  Or, if I am going to lay under a tree and read or watch the children play nearby, I have a blanket to sit on.  It has become second nature to me, avoiding grass.  So much so, that I completely forgot about my allergy.

When we got home, Saturday night, I was covered in hives, had a spider bite, and my eyes were swelling.  The grass had been waist high, and we had run through it, playing with the boomerang.  It was a deliriously perfect date.  One I doubt we will repeat... unless I am wearing pants.  Skirts and shorts in high grass only spell trouble for me.

I want my children to have an appreciation for nature.  I want them to live for the days of running through the hills, playing in the rain, jumping through puddles, and making snow angels.  Nature, in my eyes, is a very big part of a healthy childhood.  And since we live in a state that is overflowing with Wildplaces mere minutes away from the city, I have decided to exploit it.

Outings have become a part of every day life.

It seems we go somewhere every day.

Somewhere naturey and wild.

And it helps to tire the kids out for their naps.

My favorite combination.

Yesterday instead of going to The Hollow, my friend Heather and I decided to try a new path.  We drove up to the mountains (a mere 5 minute drive.  I love that about where I live.  If I want the mountains, they are right there.) and tried a new trail.
This one was also a keeper.  The only bad part about it is you can't take a stroller.  It isn't paved, and is rather rocky in some places, with a stream flowing right through the center of the trail in one spot.
However, since my goal is usually to tire the kids out, it worked perfectly.  And boy oh boy was it a hit!

It was just Heather, her son Rowan, Keith and me.
Keith imagined he was a dinosaur, keeping us entertained.
Rowan, of course, couldn't keep his clothes on.  He loves playing in the water.  Naked, if he can.  It doesn't matter how cold the stream is, he will stay in until his feet change from normal to red to blue.
 Keith had to strip down, since Rowan did, and then the splashing ensued.
We stayed there and played and snacked until it got close to the boys' nap time.
This Summer is turning out beautifully.  Though every day is full of hikes and walks, it may not be interesting to read, but it certainly is interesting to us.  To live, and to remember.
Today we are off to visit a wild bird refuge.  Our list of everyday Wildplaces is growing and I couldn't be happier.


Emmy said…
Sorry about the itchy grass.. but at least you were having fun when it happened.

How fun for the boys to be playing in the stream like that!!
Lara Neves said…
Oh man, Amy! My Bria is allergic to grass like's easy to forget and then be miserable later! I hope that it feels better soon.

PS I'm wondering if you can help me with some blog formatting...I'd like my pages to be across the top like you've got, with the cute fonts and all, but I have googled to no avail. I'm sure I'm not using the right search terms...can you direct me to directions? Or just tell me how to do it?
Em said…
Agh! Dang hives.
That trail looks like so much fun. Brennan and max would love it.
Unknown said…
I just love being outside and enjoying God's creations. So pretty!
Lourie said…
I know how cold that Utah water can be! It is so beautiful there! Sorry you had to get all itchy.
Myya said…
Seriously gorgeous pictures!!! Bummer about the hives & feeling yucky. What a horrible thing to be allergic to. Booo!
Terra said…
I suffer from allergies like yours and it sure can put a damper on some adventures but I am glad you pressed on the next day - this looks wonderful!
Lisa said…
POOR GIRL! I am so sorry you are allergic to grass! But it looks like a wonderful outing!

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