Just Another Wednesday Afternoon

I love picnics.  I always have.  There is something so romantic about sitting under the shade of a large tree, a blanket spread out beneath you and a wonderful meal in front.  Children running around and talking excitedly (because picnics are always exciting to them), and the fresh air swirling round, heightening the appetite.

I am a hopeless romantic.  Completely and utterly.  When I say romantic, I don't mean lovey dovey, I mean "marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized" (Webster's Dictionary).

Picnics are so romantic.

Especially this past Wednesday.

Keith burst into my room carrying the new picnic basket I found at a second hand store.  He demanded immediate use for it.  I eagerly obliged.

Completely slathered from head to toe with sunscreen we set out for our favorite destination: The Hollow.  
As we trekked along, the slightly overcast sky was Heaven Sent.  We hadn't gone very far before I was glistening (because girls don't sweat, they glisten) and Jeffrey was sweating.  Our little darlings rejoiced in the cool breeze as much as we did.
The colors were breathtaking.  I really need to spend more time in The Hollow.  Besides, children need wild places. 
 So do I.  They make me happy and calm, and recharge my soul.
 The kids were such troopers.  They walked most of the way, which ended up being two and a half miles.  The prefect distance to wear them out for naps.
 Keith made me so happy.  He took it upon himself to help Faye through the whole hike.  He held her hand and coaxed her when she got tired.  He amazes me with what a good brother he is.  Everyone should have a big brother like Keith!
The scenery amazed me.  I took far too many pictures, but quite honestly, I couldn't help myself.  When the weather turns cold and dreary, these photos will warm my spirits wonderfully.
Surprisingly, the day was rather humid.  Which is extremely odd.  Although Jeffrey complained profusely, I loved it.  It reminded me of California, and though it was muggy and hot, and sticky, it filled me with memories and filled me with felicity.

We got to the picnic area far too soon.  But once there, the smell of the Russian Olive trees was the perfect accent to go with our food.

 After eating, a dip in the icey water was so refreshing.  It helped to get the sticky off of us, and revive our tired and hot bodies.  Lovely!

 When I go for nature walks, I love gathering a bouquet.  I wish I had done so this time round.  Sigh.  The flowers were so lovely.
After Faye had fallen into the stream a few times, We decided it was time to go back.  Besides, I had to get ready for work in a few hours.

The walk back was even more scrumptious.  There was so much anticipation to see the things we had previously seen.  The delight on finding new treasures made everything even more magical.

 I love Summer and the colors and the heat.  I love that I live in Utah where my mountains and so many wild places are mere minutes away.
 This little meadow is the future sight of an elegant tea party.  I am so excited!  Those trees are so romantic, and the meadow is so inviting, it makes me want to dance around, or share a lovely tea with close friends.  Sigh.
As we walked along, the surprising cherry trees were brilliant and red.  I call them surprising because they suddenly appeared.  They were such a delight to find peeking out above our heads.

And the pond.  Oh that charming pond.  Jeffrey said he had never seen it fuller.  I have never seen it so green and lovely.
But the best part of the whole trek was my two little munchkins.  Faye kept poking her head back yelling "Mama!  Mama!" whenever I would lag behind from taking pictures and drinking in the intoxicating scenery.  Keith had so many questions.  He barely stopped talking the whole way.  It was so endearing.  I love his thirst for knowledge.
 When we got back home, we all downed a few glasses of ice cold water, and Faye and I indulged in a homemade cantaloupe popsicle.  It was a luscious afternoon.
 Now I am trying to figure out a way to convince Jeffrey to come with me again.  I couldn't have done it without him.  Pushing the stroller up those hills was not easy.  I know I can get at least one more walk with him, but I am saving that for when the leaves change colors.   I can't wait!  It will be like walking in a Robert Frost poem. 

And that will be worth it.


Susan Anderson said…
Great photos of a great outing.

I'm glad you shared it.


PS. And I think you managed to live out one of those idyllic days you dream of!
CB said…
Your little Faye is getting so big. I absolutely adored the pictures of she and Keith walking along holding hands and her little hat - Oh my gosh sooooo incredibly cute.

That area/picnic spot = beautiful. Just the perfect place and it looks like you had it all to yourself.

Happy Day!
Noodle said…
I need to take my kids for a "real" "pickanick" (as sammy calls it)... Latley we have been having them on the living room floor of our new house.. We put a blanket down and let the kids run around the house while me and johnny try to eat as fast as we can so we can get back to work on the house... sigh.... glad it almost done...
alpinekleins said…
Your photos are OH so adorable. Such darling! And a summer picnic . . . there's nothing more magical.

Emmy said…
Where is the Hollow?? That is a beautiful spot.
And you make picnics sound so romantic and wonderful.

And I love love that last picture. Did you do some editing on it? A great vintage look- so adorable.
Shannon said…
Ha Ha, I love your "girls don't sweat, they glisten" statemtent. That's awesome! Your pictures are all so beautiful, they could seriously be in a photography book! :)
Trish said…
Where is that? I am going there.
Lisa said…
What a beautiful day! I need more days like this! :)
Em said…
So precious.

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