Cookies In The Moment


That is what yesterday was.

I felt a lot like my old self again.  It has been a long time since I have felt like that.  It was wonderful.

The sky was overcast for most of the day, and the air was humid.  Like you could breathe in a drink.

I admit, we spent most of the day in doors.


I know.  What a waste of perfectly lovely weather.

But we did put our indoor time to good use.

Keith made a camp out tent in the living room where he read stories to Faye.  They were so sweet with each other.  It melts my heart that they are such good friends.  When one is sleeping the other wanders the house looking for them, waiting (and sometimes aiding) the end of the nap.  I love it!

Faye had success with her potty training.  That was wonderful and left me in high hopes of great success.

We danced a bit in the living room, with the blinds pulled up and the AC blasting.

Then, in the late afternoon, chocolate chip cookies called to us.

It was a call we could not ignore.

So loud, in Keith's ear, which then put it into Faye's mind, and then there was no escaping it.  Cookies HAD to be created.

They had so much fun making the cookies.  I let them do more than I usually do.  I don't know why I am so restrictive on their help.  I guess I worry about the mess.  But they didn't make one at all, and had so much fun with it!  Keith asked if we could make more tomorrow.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.  How could I really?  Between helping Faye hold the mixer and keeping her fingers out of the bowl, and trying to get Keith to stop grabbing things and throwing them in the batter, my hands were very busy.

When I got home from work, the children were both snuggled so sweetly in their beds.  I went in to make sure they were covered up and comfortable.  They both sat up a little, in their sleep, so I could kiss their sweet cheeks, and then both rolled over and nuzzled more tightly into their covers.

A sweet ending to a sweet day.

I miss lazy days like that.  Bliss and joy so thick in the air.  Just having each other and that being enough.

I need to focus on enjoying these summer days.  Already I am longing for October.  But that is nothing new.  I always long for October.  The moment it is gone, I want it back.

I need to work harder on savoring the moments, the hot ones, the cold ones, the hard ones.  Because honestly, how lucky am I?  I mean, have you seen my family?
'Nuff said.


Terra said…
I have and you are and I think you do a great job of savoring the moments!
Emmy said…
Yea!! You got a family picture!! So cute! And that really sounds like an amazing day
Susan Anderson said…
Like Terra, I think you are very good at appreciating those moments.

Myya said…
I just cannot get enough of the way that you describe your days, your kids, your life. It inspires me to look more positively on my days with my family. I love that about your, thank you!

Oh & you are so right... nuff said! Your family is so adorable!
Em said…
gorgeous family pics!!! love the one on the left with the leaves on the ground.
cloudy weather the last two days has made me SO happy:) told sean i wish every week could have a cloudy/thunder/rainy day and a sunny day rotating every other day.
Sometimes the best pictures are the ones in your mind.
Lisa said…
BEAUTIFUL family! What a beautiful girl you are!

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