Cannibalistic Tendencies

In our family, we pretend to eat each other.

That is normal, right?

While we are playing, we pretend to take bites, chew, and swallow.  No one does it cuter than Faye.  It is adorable.

When we eat Keith, he always tries to get it back.  He pretends to take the body part of his mouth, and re-attach it.
We thought it was very funny.

That is, until we realized, we may have gone too far.

The other day, Jeffrey and Keith were having a discussion about hunger.

Keith always says he is starving, so we try to explain what starving actually is.

Jeffrey told him that Heavenly Father gave us food, to keep us from starving.

Keith's eyes lit up, and he said "Oh yeah!  Like plants, and animals, and old people!"

Think we should stop eating each other?


Lara Neves said…
Ha! That's hilarious!

Bria used to freak out if we ate her nose. She is too literal. So we don' t do that anymore. :)
CB said…
That is so funny!

But I have to say that I teach the 4 year olds in Primary and the kids come up with some pretty hilarious stuff that you know they heard at home.

Doesn't it make you wonder what Keith may have said - LOL!
Em said…
Oh boy!!! Yum yum, lol!!!
Emmy said…
Lol! That totally made me laugh. But yes, we eat each other too :)
Susan Anderson said…
Raising little cannibals over there, eh?

Terra said…
I don't know, I laughed out loud...
Lisa said…
Bahahaha!!! Thanks for the giggle!
Such a cute story! Our family does things like that..except ours is shoot poopy webs out of our butts.....I'm not sure which one is more acceptable! Oh well.
Noodle said…
We eat each other too... My kids ask me in church to eat there faces.. I nibble on there little cheeks and for some odd reason Ally falls asleep while we bite her... Strange huh... We just nibble and lightly bite each other but we do it all the time.. Sammy even bites Ally in the back seat of the car... Thank fully she has found the fine line between and BITE and a Nibble...
"old people" that just made me laugh out loud how cute
Sammy asked where ham comes from so I told her it come from a pig... She just laughed at me me and said "mommy that is a silly joke..."

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