Monday, July 11, 2011

Adventures of a Monday Morning

Today is a lovely day.

The windows are open and the house smells like morning.  The fresh summer kind full of adventure and intrigue.

That in itself is full of promise.

The best kind.

I got up, and the kids and I did much of our old routine.  You know, oatmeal for breakfast, clean a bit while listening to Classical music (because classical makes kids smart or something like that).

Faye took longer to eat, like usual.  When she started asking to get down, I never imagined what I would find.


head to toe

with her breakfast.

And me without my camera.

I didn't have time to run down and get it, she was so impatient to get down.

Rather than spend forever washing her with a washcloth, I just threw her in the shower.
And Keith.
And then the fun ensued.

The kids love a morning shower.

Can't say that I blame them.

On the docket for today:

 A gander down into the Hollow with friends.

Keith is going to the movies with his cousin and grandmother.

Faye and I will meet up with a dear friend I haven't seen in ages.

Possibly make another trip to The Hollow with her and her son.

And fit potty training in there, because doesn't she look adorable in her cute little undies?
And I am so over buying diapers.  They are no longer in the budget, so potty training MUST commence.

Dear Monday, 
You make me happy.  Thank you for beginning so wonderfully.  Please continue in the same manner all day.




Jenny said...

Dear Monday, thanks for giving me this cute post to read today. It made ME happy!

Lourie said...

Dear Amy,

I can always count on you for a good smile!

Love you!

Shannon said...

So what is this "The Hollow?" Being as we live semi-close to each other, I must know! It sounds fun and intriguing! :)

Emmy said...

Yea! I hope the rest of your week is great too. Love those shower pictures- cute little faces peaking through,

Susan Anderson said...

My daughter potty-trained more easily than my sons. Hope the same is true for you!


PS. And yes, she does look darling!

Noodle said...

I want to start potty training Ally too... But I need to wait for the "new" to wear off a little with the house before I try and introduce something that radical to her life... Love the shower pics =)

Francisca and Chris said...

Great after you finish with Faye I will fly you down here and let you at it with my twins!

What a glorious day! Is the hollow worth a visit next week? Showers are my kids total favorite things!

Lisa said...

AWESOME! And what cute pictures of your kids! I love them!

Em said...

Max keeps bringing me Brennan's underwear to put on her. SO CUTE!

The tough times are the ones I often have the fondest memories of being in.