What I Learned From Bill Cosby

I love Bill Cosby.  I always have.  But today, his wisdom has astounded me.

I went to the dentist.  Root canal.  The whole time, I marveled at how precise he is.

My face really did fall into my lap.

I really can walk with my behind.

He really did see a rainbow.

See for yourself!

And if you don't believe me, here is proof. This is me desperately trying to smile.

A little bit scary, hu?


Susan Anderson said…
I've always enjoyed Bill Cosby, too. His genius is that he can make us laugh out loud without vulgarity.



PS. I've been there on the drooping face thing. (My very first post on this blog ever was about that!) At least this unfortunate phenomenon ends quickly.
Em said…
i love bill cosby !!!!!! root canal. not exciting. hope your smile is back soon:)
Familia Morales said…
Ha ha ha! I'll be laughing for a while at that last picture!

I love Bill Cosby!
::giggle:: I can see the family resemblance. YouTube his video on childbirth. It is the FUNNIEST!!!!
Heather said…
that picture cracks me up. BUT the good news is, you can finally enjoy cold things again!!!
Terra said…
I find nothing fun about the dentist no matter what...I just don't .
Lourie said…
This routine still makes me laugh! BEcause it is true! hahaha.
Lisa said…
LOVE Bill Cosby! And laughing at your picture... although you are super cute! :)
Emmy said…
Love love Bill Cosby! So sorry about the root canal! I have had a crown but never a root canal-does not sound fun. Did you dye your hair or does it just look really dark in the picture?

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