Slumber Party!

I am posting over at Emmy Mom today!  Come by and play with us.  It will be like a big huge sleepover.  Minus the sleeping.  Actually, that is exactly what it will be like, because no one ever slept at sleepovers anyway.  So stop by with your pillow and a bag of candy and be ready for gossip, braiding each others hair, and Truth or Dare.  Or maybe just some of my deepest darkest secrets.  Those were always pulled out and examined at sleepovers, too, right?


Emmy said…
Lol! Yes sleep overs were dangerous in the confession department.
Jenny said…
I'm gonna bring brownies instead! K?
Lisa said…
Ooh sounds fun! I need one of those! I'll be right over!
Em said…
this promo for your post is already so satisfying. can't wait to see what it's really about. just know i think this was witty enough to fulfill all of my late night blogging needs:) lol

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